See Texas’ “State of Tomorrow:” Rising challenges. Higher education solutions.  How do we educate new generations of children?  Offer the best healthcare to those who need it?  Take care of our aging population?  Strengthen our economy?  Secure our safety from man-made & natural disasters?    Innovators in public higher education are pursuing solutions to these critical challenges.  See progress they’re making in medicine, science, technology, national security & environmental quality.  Meet the people who are facing these great challenges & making a difference. 

Request a startling Public Service Announcement that demonstrates how American colleges & universities serve the public: or 202-939-9456 or to order a DVD, script & curriculum guide for Juanita’s Diary, an endearing & inspiring story about young Juanita Garcia as she follows the crops with her migrant-farming family & ends up graduating from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Juanita’s Diary curriculum guide includes community-friendly conversations, activities & TAKS-friendly lessons for ages pre-kindergarten through sophomores in college. Observe the struggles of migrant families in the 1960s & learn about the social, economic, political & educational atmosphere of the times: or 806-742-1998, x. 463. Get students involved in leading other students to college. Proven results in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas & West Virginia — through partnerships with GEAR-UP & TRiO programs; iLead camps & Power of One assemblies (with young college graduate speakers ready to go anywhere in the country to impact & motivate students):

What can I do with my major?

Make school & careers relevant to youth: or Dr.

I will present my study- & reading-skills, time-management & school-success tips to your audiences:  Dr.

We offer dynamic, engineering-outreach programs for your schools’ & community colleges’ math or sciences classes:

Invite me to speak with schools, community & faith-based events to encourage women, other underrepresented or underprivileged students & “undecided” students to prepare to succeed in chollege & to make a wise choice about their career/profession … perhaps engineering:  Dr.

We provide [1] services to help folks stay in school/college: transportation assistance, medical services, child care & more; [2] stipends to help people apply for college & get financial aid; [3] training to encourage youth ages 14- to 21-years-old to graduate from high school & choose a college/career. Ask me to e-connect you with my counterpart in your town:

I can reach reach your youth/adult organizations, programs, communities, venues, media events in Lubbock & nine surrounding counties with hands-on ready-for-college-application sessions; testing, financial aid, career-awareness presentations for two or 200 people — especially for disadvantaged students & adults. I can provide you with access to 3,000+ prospective students/clients/consumers for your services/programs/opportunities/invitations:

Successful Mother-Daughter college-going program sponsored by the Lubbock Branch of the American Association of University Women:  Dr. Lane Powell (LanePow@SuddenLink.Net).

Encourage all families & parent/ing organizations to connect with Texas Tech’s dynamic, engaging Parent Relations program with a $500,000 scholarship endowment. Parent/family involvement strongly & positively results in children’s school, college/university completion & life success:

Schedule a convenient time for you to visit Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, USA:

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