Adopt or adapt an affordable, employer health insurance strategy

Call 806-761-7000 to find out about a successful Employer Health Plan with 619 groups (13 large & 606 small) accounting for 7,058 lives; saved one business $180,000+ the first year; typical savings from groups in 2007:  70-employee group:  $100,000; 15-employee group:  $12,000. 

County*-eligible employers may call 806-783-9654 for health insurance details & coverage; & 806-761-7000 for details & application for Lubbock Chamber of Commerce membership.

Affordable:  small & medium business enjoy the benefits of membership in a large group plan.  Rates are guaranteed until 6-30.  On 7-1, rates will not increase by more than 10%.

Employer requirements:  Membership in the Lubbock (Texas) Chamber of Commerce (through home-based membership in local chamber of commerce in Crosby, Floyd, Garza, Hale, Hockley, Lamb, Lubbock, Lynn & Terry Counties); plan must be purchased from a FirstCare-qualified agent who is a Chamber member; employers must participate & retain health insurance membership for 24 mos.; minimum of two verifiable employees per business; 75% of eligible employees must participate; employer must cover 75% of employee-only premium.

Choices of Plans & Flexibility:  HMO Plans contain NO pre-existing condition exclusions; extensive provider network locally & nationwide; 4 Plan designs (HMO; PPO; HMO High Deductible Health Plan; Hospital Coverage); dual-option plans allows employer flexibility; no referrals required; with evidence of creditable coverage, PPO pre-existing condition exclusion periods may be reduced or eliminated; PPO Plans provide out-of-area coverage through the extensive network.  Health insurance and benefits for non-profit organizations.  46 million Americans are uninsured — cannot afford health insurance, have pre-existing conditions, limited access to health plans & benefits.  No matter what, they live sicker & die younger.  Potential solutions:  Provide all Americans with means to purchase health care coverage.  Give individuals choice to select appropriate coverage for themselves & their families.  Promote marketing reforms that enable this new approach.

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