Respond to your public-service calling  National public university — the civilian counterpart to the miilitary service academies.  Serving 5100 undergraduate students (via allocation by state, following a congressional nomination process).  Academically rigorous program will combine a traditional liberal arts curriculum with stringent requirements for service learning, study abroad & summer leadership development.  Academy graduates will spend five years serving their nation by working as teachers, police officers, emergency responders & other critical public service jobs at the local, state & national levels.  Academy graduates will be on the fast track to leadership, propelling them into a lifetime of public service.

512-471-8288 or  Fully funded summer-leadership program preparing upperclass college students (from all academic disciplines) for graduate study & careers in public policy:  May 29 – July 8 in Austin, TX. or 512-463-6092. Encouraging & supporting community efforts to preserve, protect, celebrate & enjoy America’s priceless cultural & natural heritage. For those with a passion for improving their community. “We believe, very simply, that it is the actions of individuals working together that build strong communities … and that business has an obligation to support those actions in the communities it serves.” Kenneth D. Lewis, Chairman and CEO  Creative solutions for your organization:  increased sense of confidence, skills & tools to strengthen your non-profit organization or association.  Mix-&-match workshops to meet the needs of your organization or community (e.g., a lunch-time seminar, two-day workshop or anything in between).  On-line & phone consultation, coaching. volunteer-management audits, strategic planning, board development & more.

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