Review how & where to raise funds  Help for non-profit leaders to ensure a strong fund-raising plan & program.  Information for non-profit service providers (management support organizations, such as funders, consultants, associations, etc.) to consider various types of fund-raising services for non-profits in your area.  Free resources for both advanced grant-writing consultants & inexperienced non-profit staff.  Passionate words — compressed into a few pages, rich with persuasive details & sent to a carefully researched funding source can construct low-income housing, provide scholarships for talented students, restore the natural environment & bring hope to people in need.  Learn sophisticated strategies for turning your organization’s grand vision into concrete language with the benefits quantified & the objectives measurable.   Referrals are available for individuals seeking personal grants.

Texas Center for Grants Development

Grant Writers of Greater Houston,

Applications from Texas Tech University should be routed through the Office of Research Services:  806-742-3884.

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