Animal-rescue sites

Visit rescue sites daily to help animals: &


The Top 10 Reasons to Spay/Neuter your pet … were just killed in a shelter.  
Catchy song with memorable reasons to “neuter that boy [dog/cat] & spay that girl:”


Creative, fun & effective way to encourage pet/cat adoptions:


Seven things to know before you adopt a Bengal cat or 435-644-2001, x. 4800.  No more homeless pets.


Year-round support for dogs & cats:


Spay/neuter your pets; micro-chip & keep identification tags on your pets.  Make a life commitment to your pet.  Adopt a pet.  Loving, gentle pets’ typical experience in most towns’ animal shelters, that by law must accept & make room for all incoming animals every day.  Good newsAustin animal shelter increased its ’11 live-release rate to 90+%:  fewer animals are entering the shelter in the first place, allowing the shelter & community partners to save a larger percentage.  to find out [1] how animal- & agency-friendly adoption programs save lives every two minutes & [2] all the programs & animal welfare agencies that are working together to end euthanasia while encouraging healthy relationships between people & pets.  Dedication & Everlasting Love to Animals.

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