Create a college-going state of mind: beginning with the youngest babies & throughout their lives User-friendly, comprehensive, encouraging!

Schedule a convenient time for you to visit Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, USA:

From the National Dropout Prevention Center, the importance of mentors: students with mentors are 75 percent less likely to drop out of school. Schools with mentoring programs report: 76 percent increase in student attendance rate; 84 percent increase in students’ passing classes; 60 percent decline in suspensions from school; 58 percent of students achieving higher grades. Students with mentors are 46 percent less likely to start using drugs, 27 percent less likely to start using alcohol & 33 percent less likely to hit someone: Leroy.Nellis@co.Travis.TX.US or 512-854-9066.

For a high school diploma … early — with dual credit! … or for courses not offered at your school; for courses you need due to scheduling conflicts or special circumstances (emergency, travel, health, legal, work-related or other issues); for high school or college credit by exams, academic enrichment & more: or or 806-742-7200. Get students involved in leading other students to college. Proven results in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas & West Virginia — through partnerships with GEAR-UP & TRiO programs; iLead camps & Power of One assemblies (with young college graduate speakers ready to go anywhere in the United States to impact & motivate students): School programs, retreats & summer camps for high-quality educational experiences – by combining cutting-edge curriculum & programs with an energetic staff with a passion for reaching kids to order a DVD, script & curriculum guide for Juanita’s Diary, an endearing & inspiring story about young Juanita Garcia as she follows the crops with her migrant-farming family & ends up graduating from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Juanita’s Diary curriculum guide includes community-friendly conversations, activities & TAKS-friendly lessons for ages pre-kindergarten through sophomores in college. Observe the struggles of migrant families in the 1960s & learn about the social, economic, political & educational atmosphere of the times: 

Let me connect you/your organization with the youngest, fastest-growing one-third of Lubbock’s population — Hispanic audiences; get Latino Lubbock delivered regularly to your sites; get your information, events, services, opportunities published in Latino Lubbock:  Adopt or adapt proven, college-going & college-retention strategies within your organization, school or after-school programs.  Ask College Forward about extending your staff through Americorps*VISTA Members & Leaders. 

What can I do with my major?

I am willing to help you customize your recruiting & articulation/degree-plan agreements: or Dr.

Create a college-going state of mind throughout your community (from youngest babies through adults) through GO Centers’ peer facilitators & sponsors.  Embed college-going messages & activities in pre-school, after-school, parents/guardians, public/health, mentoring, tutoring, economic or workforce development, faith-based, civic, service or athletic organizations — through existing & potential community partnerships.  Find out how GO Centers, G-Force peer facilitators & sponsors may help you create a college-going state of mind within the conversations & activities of first-generation families: or or (ask Gene about San Antonio-area Go Centers’ successes through collaborative partnerships among Communities In Schools, Volunteers In Service To America, Retired & Senior Volunteer Program, Texas Campus Compact/service learning, The College for ALL Texans Foundation, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, AT&T and Frost Banks).

Replicate a successful Mother-Daughter college-going program sponsored by the Lubbock Branch of the American Association of University Women:  Dr. Lane Powell (LanePow@SuddenLink.Net).  Every child in the US entering school — prepared to succeed … on into higher education.  

Offer the joy of learning — through chess — to classes, schools, youth & after-school programs: or or or or

Parenthood1@SBCGlobal.Net or 806-535-5437:  Bring your dreams for genie-like, high-energy hope, creative budgeting & fulfillment:  for families & youth (parent education, Great Dad seminars, new parent programs; youth leadership training for small or large groups; staff, youth leadership, class or organization retreats; educational trips & excursions; students mentoring — business, relational, peer, academic; & staff development).  

If your school, after-school, faith-based, community-based organization; local, county, regional or state agency or your business wants to sponsor or start a GO Center on site or in a favorite gathering-place of youth or parents in your community:  Dr. or or 903-962-CAMP, x. 3386; or Need start-up or refresher-course training for new, established or super-star GO Center sponsors or G-Force peer facilitators in your community?  or 903-962-CAMP, x. 3386.  Start local GO Centers, apply for Collegiate G-Force grants; schedule Mobile GO Center visits: Dr. (512-427-6236); (713-718-8673); (713-718-8538); (713-718-8538); (713-718-8538; (512-427-6289); (214-689-6517); (817-336-2491, x. 233); (325-794-4463); (512-427-3532); (432-335-6713); (956-364-4519); (210-458-5852); (210-458-5852); (361-825-3263); (713-718-8530); (956-381-2522); (817-515-5180); (210-458-5852). (& select “For Use by All” in lower, right-hand area)  Wise, helpful & healthy perspectives for students & for parents about navigating the college-admissions process. (& select “Students” from the left-hand menu)  College admissions-related help for students & for parents.  Which college admissions process is best for you?  Regular decision?  Early action?  Early deicison?  Confused?

Adopt or adapt College for Texans-like outreach in your state: (512-427-6207); (512-427-6227).  Invite MERV to be an active part of your community celebrations, in-service training or special events  — to keep the “college-going culture” in the hearts, minds, conversations & plans of all the families in your community.  MERV/Mobile Education Resource Vehicle (aka, The Campus Cruiser) & its resources facilitate instructional presentations about financial aid.  MERV combines state of the art technology & a mobile environment for free, on-site financial aid application & assistance.  Students may work at their own pace while conducting scholarship searches & transmitting their student aid forms via the internet.  MERV allows students & parents to receive individualized counseling on all aspects of the student financial aid process.  MERV is equipped to provide services to the handicapped.  Math + Science = Success.  Find out how community can make math & science add up to success.  For students, parents & schools.

We offer dynamic, engineering-outreach programs for your schools’ & community colleges’ math or sciences classes:

Invite me to speak with schools, community & faith-based events to encourage women, other underrepresented or underprivileged students & “undecided” students to prepare to succeed in chollege & to make a wise choice about their career/profession … perhaps engineering:  Dr.

Find out how to replicate or partake of weekly food boxes, Kindergarten through 12th-grade school supplies or Kids’ Cafe after-school feeding sites:

We provide [1] services to help folks stay in school/college: transportation assistance, medical services, child care & more; [2] stipends to help people apply for college & get financial aid; [3] training to encourage youth ages 14- to 21-years-old to graduate from high school & choose a college/career. Ask me to e-connect you with my counterpart in your town:

I can reach your youth/adult organizations, programs, communities, venues, media events in Lubbock & nine surrounding counties with hands-on ready-for-college-application sessions; testing, financial aid, career-awareness presentations for two or 200 people — especially for disadvantaged students & adults. I can provide you with access to 3,000+ prospective students/clients/consumers for your services, programs, opportunities &invitations:

Encourage all families & parent/ing organizations to connect with Texas Tech’s dynamic, engaging Parent Relations program with a $500,000 scholarship endowment. Parent/family involvement strongly & positively results in children’s school, college/university completion & life success:

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