Share these resources with students & student-friendly organizations  Download information about scholarships, grants & private organizations & associations that aid adults returning to college or entering vocational programs — especially for the re-entry students, women, single parents & adults re-entering the work force; money from federal, state & private organizational & academic programs.  Comprehensive directory of US universities & other colleges.  Get into the right college for you, pay for college & change the world.  Collegiate inventor competition.

 No-strings-attached financial grants to certified Texas Law Enforcement or Fire Protection Personnel who are injured in the performance of their duties or to the families of such personnel who are killed in the performance of their duties:  Helping improve the well-being of society through community collaboration.  Enabling educators, students & educational institutions to realize their full potential (partners in learning, school of the future, Microsoft IT Academy, external research & programs, education technology partnerships).  Develop & place talented minority youth in business & industry & prepare them for corporate & community leadership.  Tax information for students (Where’s my refund?  Taxable income for students; credits, understanding taxes:  link & learn; what tax records should I keep?  International taxpayers).  Hundreds of different types of jobs:  training & education needed, earnings, expected job prospects, what workers do on the job, working conditions & more.  Public art network, arts programs for youth at risk on line, professional partnerships & more.  Replicate an annual open house on your college campus to make first-generation families feel welcome.

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