Adopt or adapt successes from schools that work: link kids, citizens, schools & businesses  School programs, retreats & summer camps for high-quality educational experiences — by combining cutting-edge curriculum & programs with energetic staff with a passion for reaching kids.  Find out about PowerOne assemblies, outdoor education & more.  In Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado & your state, too.  Replicate an annual open house on your college campus to make first-generation families feel welcome.  Successful, career pathway models to adopt or adapt in your classrooms or schools.  10 key practices to improve high school education — including opportunities for out-of-classroom education & higher standards for all.  On-line courses for teachers (Probability & Statistics; Algebra & Geometry series; Instructional Strategies for teaching middle/high school math).  If you plan to be a teacher, if you are a new teacher or if your are an experienced teacher.

Find out how to replicate or partake of weekly food boxes, Kindergarten through 12th-grade school supplies or Kids’ Cafe after-school feeding sites:  Who I am Makes a Difference:  giving children & adults of all ages the long, over-due right to be appreciated, loved & nurtured by the society in which they live — by helping kids/adults live extraordinary lives.  Sign up for free monthly newsletter, view videos, enroll in training, participate in events; read testimonials, news, stories & history; & order products.

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