Invite Texas Tech’s Masked Rider & horse; Raider Red, a Spirit Squad, a Grand Master of chess or “Juanita’s Diary” to your school, youth-group or community event or pep rally

Provide positive role models for your students , their families or youth groups by inviting the Texas Tech Masked Rider & horse; Raider Red,  a Spirit Squad or member(s) of a Spirit Squad to your special events: ( or

Offering the joy of learning — through chess — to your classes, schools, youth & after-school programs: or or or or

Ask the special Texas Tech guests to bring & share academically focused hand-outs & promotional items — & to talk about the importance of studying hard, taking challenging courses & applying for college & financial aid early; to talk about their areas of study, their Grade Point Averages; their career, professional or graduate-school plans; whether they are the first in their family to go to college; the time management & study skills necessary to succeed academically at Texas Tech while actively serving as a spokesperson for Texas Tech; etc.

*On behalf of Midnight Matador, the Masked Rider can talk about horse care & training, hippotherapy, Texas Tech’s rodeo & polo clubs; & the academic & other requirements necessary to become a Masked Rider for Texas Tech; the time-management & study skills required to be academically successful at Texas Tech while simultaneously taking the horse to 100+ public appearances every year. to order a DVD, script & curriculum guide for Juanita’s Diary, an endearing & inspiring story about young Juanita Garcia as she follows the crops with her migrant-farming family & ends up graduating from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Juanita’s Diary curriculum guide includes community-friendly conversations, activities & TAKS-friendly lessons for ages pre-kindergarten through sophomores in college. Observe the struggles of migrant families in the 1960s & learn about the social, economic, political & educational atmosphere of the times:

For a high school diploma … early — with dual credit! … or for courses not offered at your school; for courses you need due to scheduling conflicts or special circumstances (emergency, travel, health, legal, work-related or other issues); for high school or college credit by exams, academic enrichment & more: or or 806-742-7200.

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