Go where conditions are the worst — where others are not going

www.DoctorsWithoutBorders.org or 1-888-392-0392, x. 1057  Listed by Worth  magazine as one of America’s 100 Best Charities because they “focus tightly on their missions & don’t venture into areas in which they lack expertise.  And they involve local leaders in program design & implementation, which helps ensure lasting results after they move on.”

wwwn.CDC.Gov/Travel: Stay healthy when traveling. Traveling with children, special-needs travelers, travel health tips for students studying abroad, travel by airplanes & cruise ships, travleing with pets, disaster relief workers, presentations for health professionals & more.

Join my summer, international outreach with physicians, patients & non-patients on behalf of sickle-cell counseling — through community venues (one-on-one &/or groups) & through mass media. B.Olaniran@TTU.edu & www.SickleCellSociety.org

www.34MillionFriends.org  Helping the most vulnerable women in the world plan their families, give birth safely & protect themselves from HIV/AIDS.  Encouraging equal access to food, education & healthcare; elimination of gender-based violence.

www.MedAir.org  International humanitarian aid organisation seeking out & serving the most vulnerable people affected by crisis — particularly the forgotten men, women & children who live in difficult-to-access regions in Africa, the Middle East & Asia.  Daniel.Xu@MedAir.org & 408-960-3540.  Bringing life-saving relief & rehabilitation in disasters, crises & conflict areas by working alongside the most vulnerable. — sustaining 2.5 million people annually — regardless of race, religion or politics — while upholding their dignity & independence. Expertise in health care, water & sanitation, shelter & infrastructure. Hiring [a] first-time international-relief personnel with no field experience: for a one-year volunteer-like commitment (stipend + benefits); &/or [b] veteran international-relief personnel with field experience (salary + benefits): medical professionals such as physicians, nurses; water sanitarians & experts in providing temporary or permanent shelter. The 24/7 eight-day MedAir Relief Orientation Training (March, June & October) + formal interview will give first-time prospects real-life experiences to help them & MedAir decide about their suitability for a one-year commitment. Seeking donors to make a difference in the world by financially investing in humanitarian relief projects.

www.WorldVision.org  Gifts that are meaningful & unforgettable — for both the ones you honor & the children & families who benefit.

www.Fabretto.org  Children & families of Nicaragua realizing their dreams of education, health & prosperity.

www.Rotary.org/foundation/grants  Rotary members implement humanitarian service projects through grants programs; e.g., international, long-term, self-help & grassroots development projects; disaster recovery; immunization grants; travel subsidies for individuals or small groups for qualified international humanitarian service in Rotary countries for up to 60 days.

www.ShelterBox.org or www.ShelterBoxUSA.org or www.ShelterBox.CA & Kenneth Clowes/Lubbock, TX, US:  Kenneth.Clowes@GMail.com  In times of disaster, many thousands of people are often homeless & without basic needs & survival equipment. Shelter boxes provide aid to those in need anywhere in the world. Shelter boxes contain one or two ten-person tents (200 sq. ft.). Other items in a shelter box include insulated sleeping mats & bags, thermal blankets, water purification tablets, water containers/carriers, trenching shovel, rope, hachet, jack-knife, screwdriver, hammer & more.

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