Be an enthusiastic, confident learner at Texas Tech

Services to help Texas Tech students & transfer students achieve their academic goals

Q:  I have all kinds of questions, & I’m not sure whom to ask.  Who can help me?

A:  Contact  806-742-2189  79 Holden Hall; Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX  — dedicated to helping you find your way & achieve success at Texas Tech & beyond;  serving ALL members of the Texas Tech community, especially current & prospective students. 

Q:  Undecided about what major to declare?  Want to graduate on time?

A:  Avoid “major hopping.”  Discover a major & a career that best fits you, your values &  your interests.  One-to-one, personalized attention; plus, dynamic group interaction ( or or 806-742-2189 or 79 Holden Hall, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX). 

Q:  Are you the first in your family to go to college or to graduate from college? 

A:  Obtain academic, social & financial support: or  Transition smoothly into the university environment; secure financial aid; improve your study skills; manage your time & your style of procrastination; overcome personal struggles & more — through one-on-one relationships with First Generation College Mentors who know how hard you’ve worked, & who are ready to help you survive & thrive at Texas Tech.  Your Mentors will be your friends & personal guides to navigating the TTU world.  Their friendships & experiences will provide meaningful help & real-world advice about how to be successful during college.

Q:  Want to participate in undergraduate research in partnership with a faculty mentor in your field of study?  With a graduate mentor whose personal & professional interests are similar to yours?  Want to attend workshops, conduct research, receive scholarship & travel funds for academic & professional development?

A:  Get prepared to excel in graduate & doctoral education: at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.   

Q:  Curious about or interested in Law School? 

A: or or 806-742-2189 or 79 Holden Hall, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.  Research & find a best-fit law school.  Prepare your law school applications.  Prepare & practice taking the LSAT exam.  Idenitfy all of your financial options to make law school more affordable in the long run.  Visit law school classes & discuss the realities of law school & the admissions process with current students in the TTU School of Law. I will present my study- & reading-skills, time-management & school-success tips to your pre-law audiences:

Q:  Need a tutor?

A:  Tutors in math, sciences, historically difficult entry-level courses; time management, effective listening & note-taking enrichment; essay & objective-exam skills-building opportunities; reading- comprehension improvement:  205 West Hall, TTU, Lubbock, TX;  806-742-3664; 8-8 Mon.-Thur. (8-5 in summer); 8-5 Fri.

Q:  Need more help to survive academically?

A:  Twice-weekly classes for 11 weeks & individualized time with instructor @$150:  acquire & build learning strategies (set & achieve academic goals, discover your learning style; maximize your time & study strategies):  56 Holden Hall, TTU/Lubbock, TX; 806-742-3928; 8-12 & 1-5 M-F

Q:  Need special accommodations in classroom & testing situations? 

A:  To establish eligibility for no-charge student disability services:  335 West Hall, TTU/Lubbock, TX; 806-742-2405.  Apply anytime.  Allow two weeks for review, approval & initial-meeting time.

A:  TECHniques Center of Student Disability Services, a fee-for-service academic enhancement for enrolled, undergraduate TTU students with documented learning disabilities & attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder:  support services (self-esteem, self-confidence & self-advocacy), assistance with academic major/career decision-making, course scheduling, time management & organization; tutoring for enrolled courses; academic-performance monitoring; specialized technology; encouragement & guidance; referral to academic support services:  250 West Hall, TTU, Lubbock, TX; 806-742-1822.

Q:  Need encouragement regarding personal challenges? 

A:  Solutions for Texas Tech students’ personal, career or family (student counseling center).  Also, therapy & counseling, testing & assessment, fees for service & referrals:  children, adolescents, adults, couple & family counseling.  Helping clients with a wide range of challenges:  anxiety, depression, adjusting to challenges or stressful life situations; making career choices or changes; childhood disorders.  Advanced PhD/doctoral students in American Psychological Association-approved Texas Tech University/Counseling & Clinical Psychology programs staff the clinic:   

Q:  Feeling left out or lost?  Want to make your contribution to the community?  Interested in finding other students who share your interests? 

A:  Get involved with some of Texas Tech University’s 400+ student organizations.  Ask about the dozens of student organizations at the TTU Health Sciences Center.

What can I do with my major?

MORE RESOURCES for your academic success at Texas Tech

Athletics student support services: 742-0150
Freshman seminar so that students may maximize their academic performance: 742-2184

Library research with group & individualized instruction & customized services for students with special needs: 742-2251 or 742-2236(one-credit course)

Math tutorial sessions for math courses: 742-2566
Microcomputer labs, mainframe systems & the Internet: 806-742-1650

Strategies for learning for students to strengthen their study habits & for students returning from scholastic suspension: 806-742-3928

Success Center with referrals to campus resources, academic support, career exploration software & other student-success services: 806-742-4187

Writing assistance for students/writers at any stage of the writing process (i.e., to help students interpret assignments & brainstorm; to read & respond to drafts of documents): 806-742-2476

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