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Start early:  Every child in the US entering school — prepared to succeed … on into higher education. Schedule a convenient time for you to visit Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, USA:

Apply to study at Texas (for details about undergraduate student admissions at TTU visit or  

Transform into a Texas Tech Red or    

Double T Health Service Corps: Texas Tech students (TTUHSC & TTU students) improving the health & well-being of their communities

Apply for financial or or

Save time & money by graduating on time & maximizing your college investment:

Study abroad to enrich your life-changing Texas Tech experience & become more sought after by employers: or or 806-742-3667.  Travel & study abroad with Texas Tech faculty members during the summer for two to twelve weeks.  How about traveling to Spain to study architecture?  Or to Mexico to study Spanish?  International semester expenses are often comparable to those at universities abroad.  There are several national scholarships & local scholarships to help off-set study-abroad expenses.  Students eligible for financial aid may receive partial funding for approved programs.  Many programs offer classes in English in a student’s major in a non-English speaking country.  Earn up to two years’ credit of college-level Spanish or German in one semester — for beginners as well as advanced students.  With departmental pre-approval, students may receive credits toward their degree, just as they would on the Texas Tech campus … thus progressing toward their goal of graduating on time.   An adventure you can’t afford to miss. to study abroad at the Texas Tech campus in Sevilla, Spain. or 806-742-3667 to study abroad at the Texas Tech campus in Quedlinburg, Germany.

Addiction & Recovery Center:

Agriculture & Natural Resources:  

Allied Health:

American Sign Language: or 806-742-3145.

Architecture: (806-742-3136, x. 230) or (806-742-3136, x. 246).

Arts & Sciences:  


Biomedical Sciences (Graduate School): or


Criminal Justice:  Dr. or Dr.

Distance Learning:


Engineering:  Ask about cooperative education (career training with pay while you work with professionals in your major); career services (including on-line job database, on-campus interviews, workshops/seminars, career assessments, mock interviews, resume/cover-letter critiques, career counseling);      international opportunities ( or or or 806-742-3451).           Civil & Environmental Engineering: or 806-742-3523.      Electrical & Computer Engineering: (806-742-0140);  (806-742-3463); (806-742-1247); (806-742-1262).            Ask Dr. how to get involved with Engineering’s Kindergarten through 12th-grade outreach.

Environmental Toxicology: or or (scroll downward to the Degree Programs bar & select “Environmental Toxicology”) or or 806-885-4567

Graduate School (with 162 master- & doctoral-level programs): or for international engineering/service-learning opportunities

     For international students who want to enter any of the 162 master’s or doctoral-level programs through the graduate school at Texas Tech University:  or 806-742-2787, x. 248; or through any of the dozens of graduate-level programs in allied health, biomedical research, medicine, nursing or pharmacy at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center:

   For teachers & faculty who want graduate degrees in teaching in their respective academic areas:  Dr.

  For academicians & leaders aspiring to higher education leadership (principal, superintendent, presidency, chancellorship):  Dr.  

  For graduate programs in Nursing: or  or 800-851-8240

Health, Exercise & Sports Sciences:


Human Sciences:

Law:  Dr. or

Mass Communications:

Medical Physics:




      Audition for for music/scholarship consideration:

       Band or jazz ensemble:

     Marching Band at athletic events: & for non-major, marching-band scholarships:  

      Orchestra or vocal ensemble:          

      Keyboard information:

     Harp ensemble:                

Nature: or 806-742-1828  Natural History & Humanities degree prepares you for post-graduate experiences in law; creative, environmental or science writing; journalism, parks interpretation or museum studies.

Nursing: or (2nd-degree program)


PRE-dental school, nursing; physical, occupational, speech-language or respiratory therapy; pharmacy, chiropractic medicine:

PRE-medical school:  Dr.

Social Work:  Dr. or

Textile research:

Therapeutic Riding: For speech & occupational therapy, counseling & psychology, agricultural & health sciences majors & more.

Theatre & Dance: or 806-742-3601

Visual & Performing Arts:  

Need to reach some other Texas Tech academic advisor?  Want to discuss your academic & career interests in terms of which Texas Tech colleges, schools or departments might be your best matches?

Want to have direct access with health sciences careers or professions before you commit to four or more years of study? for work-study &/or volunteer opportunities in your TTU Health Sciences Center fields of interest. about TTU Health Sciences Center diversity opportunities.

Discover academic, leadership & student- & corporate/community-friendly opportunities that simultaneously engage both TTU & TTU Health Sciences Center undergraduate & graduate opportunities:

What can I do with my major?

Become one of our youngest Red Raiders through the Texas Tech University Independent School District! For a high school diploma … early — with dual credit! … or for courses not offered at your school; for courses you need due to scheduling conflicts or special circumstances (emergency, travel, health, legal, work-related or other issues); for high school or college credit by exams, academic enrichment & more: or or 806-742-7200.

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