Take field trips & virtual tours; invite Texas Tech & Angelo State into your school or community

Enrich your community outreach, syllabus, academic or organizational presentations:

Get in touch with the moon, planets, stars, galaxies & the universewww.depts.TTU.edu/MuseumTTU/Planetarium.html  

For Kindergarten through 12th-grade teachers:  training & delivery of 20 traveling science labs (bio-technology, plant adaptations, geology, water chemistry, physics & microscopy).  Science Day for teacher networking & student enrichment & classroom activities; scientific research opportunities for science teachers & undergraduates in science or science education; engaging workshops, teacher retreats & science-education volunteers in your classrooms & for special science-education events (such as science fairs or innovative-teaching activities):  www.HHMI.TTU.edu/Outreach/ or Julie.Isom@TTU.edu

Dynamic simulations & creative activities bringing the world to kindergarteners through 12th graders:  Dianne.Crowley@TTU.edu or 806-742-0426.

Visit the virtual Vietnam archive:  www.Vietnam.TTU.edu or schedule a tour of the Vietnam Center:  Steve.Maxner@TTU.edu  The Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University is to support & encourage research & education regarding all aspects of the American Vietnam experience:  promoting a greater understanding of this experience & the peoples & cultures of Southeast Asia.  Its threefold functions are [1] the collection & preservation of pertinent source material; [2] education through exhibits, classroom instruction, educational programs & publications; & [3] encouragement of scholarly research through exchanges, publishing of noteworthy research, symposia & financial support. 

Experience the joy of learning, inspiration, hope, perseverance, acceptance & diversity through Juanita’s Diary DVD, curriculum guide & script.  Juanita’s Diary showcases young Juanita Garcia as she follows the crops with her migrant-farming family.  Observe the struggles of migrant families in the 1960s & learn about the social, economic, political & educational atmosphere of the times.  Curriculum guide includes relevant, community-friendly conversations, activities & lessons for ages pre-kindergarten through sophomores in college:  www.RaidersRojos.org

 Order Texas Tech decor, promotional items & information to inspire learning & energize classrooms, career & technology centers; mentoring, tutoring or after-school program sites, GO Centers; community, non-profit, athletics & faith-organization locales for youth; employee-training sites or break rooms:  

Texas Tech decor, promotional items & information to inspire learning & energize home study areas, classrooms or after-school programs:  Amy.Murphy@TTU.edu; Cindy.Villegas@TTU.eduNicky.Ladkin@TTU.edu; Ken.Gassiot@TTU.edu; Dianne.Crowley@TTU.eduHeather.Hernandez@TTU.edu; J.Brenholtz@TTU.edu; Lea.Davidson@TTU.edu; Pamela.Hellman@TTU.edu; Belinda.Hughes@TTUHSC.eduElizabeth.Mason@TTU.edu; Patricia.Wright@TTU.eduConnie.Coffin@TTU.edu; Margie.Brown@TTU.edu; Michele.Moskos@TTU.edu; Mary.Beth.Inman@TTU.edu; Ryan.Scheckel@TTU.eduS.Duggan@TTU.edu; Brad.Phinny@TTU.edu; Susan.Polgar@TTU.eduJose.Valenciano@TTU.edu; Monte.Monroe@TTU.edu; Steve.Maxner@TTU.edu; Jaclyn.E.Canas@TTU.edu; Helen.Morrow@TTU.edu; Kathy.Nordstrom@TTU.eduMarci.Beasley@TTU.edu; Beverly.Pinson@TTU.edu; Julie.Isom@TTU.edu; Diana.Fabing@TTU.edu; Jodi.Dillard@TTU.edu; Rosa.Gallegos@TTU.edu; Tiffany.Enderson@TTU.edu; Cal.Barnes@TTU.edu; Shannon.N.Younger@TTU.edu; Emily.Arellano@TTU.eduMinerva.Alaniz@TTU.edu; Shannon.Samson@TTU.edu; Shelli.Crockett@TTU.edu; Thomas.Reynolds@TTU.edu; Linda.Prado@TTUHSC.edu; LoniMarie.Flores@TTUHSC.edu; Suzanna.Martinez@TTUHSC.edu; Christy.Meriwether@TTUHSC.eduMarylin.Taylor@TTUHSC.edu; Pamela.Johnson@TTUHSC.edu; Summer.Balcer@TTUHSC.edu; Tiffany.Hager@TTUHSC.edu; Yolanda.Gonzaga@TTUHSC.edu; Elizabeth.Robertson@TTUHSC.edu; Shannon.Kirkland@TTUHSC.edu; Carol.Diminnie@Angelo.edu; Don.Coers@Angelo.edu; Flor.Madero@Angelo.edu; Kathryn.Artnak@Angelo.edu; Paul.Swets@Angelo.edu; Richard.Beck@Angelo.edu; Dallas.Swafford@Angelo.eduJoe.Munoz@Angelo.edu; Lyn.Wheeler@Angelo.edu; Preston.Lewis@Angelo.edu; Wrennah.Gabbert@Angelo.edu; Meghan.Pace@Angelo.edu; Doug.Fox@Angelo.edu; Lorri.Morris@Angelo.edu; Bill.Cullins@Angelo.edu; Candice.Upton@Angelo.eduNancy.Larson@Angelo.edu www.Angelo.edu or 1-800-9-GO-TO-ASU (1-800-946-8627).

Among US’ top 20 undergraduate physics programs; 39 undergraduate & 23 graduate programs, exceptional scholarship program; 6,200+ students, ambiance & personalized attention of a smaller private university. Students from 43 states, 22 countries & 211 of Texas’ 254 counties (68 percent Caucasian, 23 percent Hispanic & 6 percent African-American …) & a 268-acre campus with new academic, recreational & residential facilities; men’s football, basketball, baseball, cross country & track; women’s volleyball, basketball, cross country, soccer, track & softball.

Enliven learning by inviting the Texas Tech Masked Rider, Raider Red or members of Texas Tech spirit squads to your special events.  Find out why college is important to them & ask them to talk about their courses, grades, graduate school, career & professional plans:  Stephanie.Rhode@TTU.edu

Take a virtual tour of the Natural Science Research Laboratory with collections of mammals, birds, vital tissues, invertebrates, reptiles & amphibians:  www.NSRL.TTU.edu

Borrow history trunks — The Ranching Frontier of Texas & Settler Women on the Texas High Plains (with hands-on history materials like maps, clothing, books, slides, primary sources materials & more):   www.swco.TTU.edu

Borrow trunks with artifact boxes; supplemental instructional materials, suggested questions & activities; virtual trip through History Underfoot:  www.depts.TTU.edu/MuseumTTU/LLL/SchoolPrograms.html 

Take a field trip to the Lubbock Lake Landmark, National Historic & State Archeological Landmark with tours, learning center, exhibits, the Landmark Shop with books & job postings.  Get involved as a docent, field researcher with an international volunteer crew; interpreter, demonstrator; member of the Speakers Bureau, volunteer in the gift shop, the information desk, in an anthropology laboratory or help to maintain trails & grounds.  

Check out the Western attire, decor & more for the ranch hand in youwww.CogdellsGeneralStore.com   

International art exhibits, cultural programming, facility rental, a video library with 3,000+ film titles from around the world:  www.IAFF.TTU.edu or Jane.Bell@TTU.edu

Get information & advice about book publishingwww.TTUP.TTU.edu or Judith.Keeling@TTU.edu

For a tour or more details about the International Textile Center & its laboratories at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas:   www.ITC.TTU.edu or Michael.L.Stephens@TTU.edu or 806-747-3790:  see cotton-seed research in action, watch the new spinning technologies, experience new frontiers of fiber technology: collaborative research with academic, commercial & government entities; contract & proprietary research, international partners, technology transfer & industry consultations; an annual, two-week intensive, merchant-friendly seminar that overviews every way to make money from cotton — from seed to clothing rack; & a semester-long, master’s-level, distance-learning course; workforce training, customized seminars & more.

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