Strengthen a New Humanity  School programs, retreats & summer camps for high-quality educational experiences – by combining cutting-edge curriculum & programs with an energetic staff with a passion for reaching kids.  Find out about PowerOne assemblies, outdoor education & more.  In Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado & your state, too. Hands-on solutions for dropout prevention, violence prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, truancy reduction and increasing academic success. Helping people achieve freedom, opportunity and self-respect through education and interventions that motivate and create positive change. Offering hope and answering the question Why Try in life? Find out about certification trainings, in-service training and confererence sessions. Why Try in high schools, middle and junior high schools, in elementary schools, in mental health and in corrections.  High-quality, early education programs give kids the right start in life. On-line health policy resource for faculty & students. Providing students, faculty & others interested in learning about health policy easy access to the latest data, research, analysis & developments. Narrated slide tutotirals, background reference libraries & issue material on current topics & policy debates. Health & the Law, Health Systems; HIV/AIDS, Medicaid/SCHIP, Medicare, Minority Health, Prescription Drugs, Quality of Care, Uninsured, Women’s Health, syllabus library, journal browser, research tools, policy fellowships & video directory.  Academic-year & multi-year international scholarships for college students interested in humanitarian service.  12-video series & nine educational booklets address critical parenting, early childhood & school-readiness issues.  Hosted by popular celebrities & featuring well-known child-development experts.  Engaging, accessible parenting information.  En Espanol & in English.  Mobilizing communities/grassroots networks in 16 countries to implement safety programs & hands-on training throughout the world.  Working closely with law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, health & safety experts, professionals, educators, parents, businesses, foundations, governments, policymakers, volunteers & children.  Transform your perspective via an electronic mini-vacation of beauty & inspiration.  My life is fulfilling when I accept responsibility for my own happiness, give thanks, focus on the best, enjoy everyday right now; love Life & follow the gentle nudges of the God of my understanding.  Discover how a determined family integrated their physically challenged son into everyday life.  Follow the adventures of this remarkable father-son / marathon-race team — remarkable because son Rick can’t walk or talk.  To strengthen & sustain an actively compassionate humanity:  for all people who are tired of passively waiting for things to change — unity realized one person at a time.  Make poverty  Eradicate extreme poverty & hunger.  Achieve universal primary education. Promote gender equality & empower women.  Reduce child mortality.  Reduce mortality rate among children under five.  Reduce maternal mortality.  Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria & other diseases.  Ensure environmental sustainability.  Develop a global partnership for development.  Ending hunger in the US:  food-bank network.  Resources for & educational rights of children & families experiencing homelessness:  enrollment aids, fact sheets, tool kits, manuals & more.  Texas homeless liaison information.  Lawyers ending homelessness & poverty:   housing, domestic violence, income, children & youth, human rights, civil rights, Hurricane Katrina, hospital dumping & how to resolve these challenges through advocacy, partnerships & education.  The voice for the education of children & youth in homeless situations.  Collaborations among parents, adovcates, researchers & service providers to ensure school enrollment, attendance & overall success for children & youth whose lives lack the safety of permanent & adequate housing. 

World Peace Fellowships for international study at centers in Japan, Australia, Argentina, England & the United States: (select “Learn more about Rotary’s peace programs” from lower, right-hand menu/Rotary is Humanity in Action) or  Find out about   Apply through a Rotary club nearest you( & select “Club Locator” at the top-most bar — to the left of the Search box). A curriculum of learning experiences incorporating international, interdisciplinary educational experiences using the arts, social studies, math & English/language arts to enhance the required curriculum available to Kindergarten through 12th-grade students in public & private schools & home-schooled classes throughout the South Plains of Texas, USA. Hands-on, interactive programs involve the critical higher-order thinking skills & are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills & the Core Knowledge Sequence (required by the Texas Education Agency). or www.ShelterBox.CA  In times of disaster, many thousands of people are often homeless & without basic needs & survival equipment. Shelter boxes provide aid to those in need anywhere in the world. Shelter boxes contain one or two ten-person tents (200 sq. ft.).  Other items in a shelter box include insulated sleeping mats & bags, thermal blankets, water purification tablets, water containers/carriers, trenching shovel, rope, hachet, jack-knife, screwdriver, hammer & more.

Find out how to replicate or partake of weekly food boxes, Kindergarten through 12th-grade school supplies or Kids’ Cafe after-school feeding sites:  Who I am Makes a Difference:  giving children & adults of all ages the long, over-due right to be appreciated, loved & nurtured by the society in which they live — by helping kids/adults live extraordinary lives.  Sign up for free monthly newsletter, view videos, enroll in training, participate in events; read testimonials, news, stories & history; & order products.

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