Create or invest in businesses that benefit communities throughout the world  A community of social investors making a world of difference.  Empowering & celebrating social entrepreneurship through pioneering innovations that benefit humanity.  Your simple act of compassion could be somebody’s miracle:  start a new tradition of giving.  For 28+ years, Seva has served people around the world who are struggling for health, cultural survival & sustainable communities.  Ending hunger, caring for the Earth.  Federal contracts to help distressed communities; rebuilding America’s communities one small business at a time.  Global venture catalyst pairing entrepreneurs in emerging economies with advisers, mentors & investors.  Opening the door to financial success for the working poor by piloting asset-building solutions  Social capitalist & social catalysts helping homeless or poverty-level individuals get jobs, housing, legal support & skills to create better lives for themselves.  Publications & educational programs to inspire investing time & resources in order to live happy, purposeful lives.  Social innovation entrepreneurs building global collaborations.  Services for venture capacity-building for non-profits; management strategy, communications, public relations & performance evaluation.  Forging entrepreneurial partnerships among business, community, government & 84 affordable-housing nonprofits to create & sustain affordable housing.  40-member association of international non-governmental organizations that work with local partners in 168+ countries to deliver services to marginalized communities & developing & transitional countries in order to promote health & well being of the most vulnerable women & children.  Early-childhood development programs, basic education & vocational-skills training; community-based solutions offer a hand up, not a hand out.  Partnerships with rural communities to build schools internationally.  Tools to end poverty.  Helping children since 1937.  Transform dreams into meaningful work through enterprise facilitation for communities’ entrepreneurs.  Health care for international women & families.  Providing Latin America’s poorest women with means to build livelihoods for themselves & futures for their families through micro-lending business training & healthcare support.  Peace, prosperity & hope to Afghan farm families. Entrepreneurial approaches to address global poverty & services to the poor. Making the planet & population healthier & more equitable. Believe, Begin & Become business-plan competitions in Ghana & Tanzania. Investing $625+K in organizations supporting entrepreneurship & other global development activities. Help young people understand the economics of life through proven hands-on experiences that bring them the real world — opening youthful minds to their potential. Volunteer to use JA resources for your presentations to youth audiences in local schools. Let youth know how to create financial prosperity for themselvesCDeWitt@JAWT.Net

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