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Grant applications from Texas Tech University should be routed through the Office of Research Services:  806-742-3884.

The cost of illiteracy: 70% of prison inmates are illiterate; 70% of Americans arrested are illiterate; 75% of unemployed adults are illiterate; 85% of juvenile offenders are illiterate; 86% of unwed pregnant teenagers are illiterate; 75% of school drop-outs are illiterate; illiteracy costs the U.S. $225+B in lost productivity; some states base the construction of future prisons on the second grader not reading at grade level (from Julee Becker, Lubbock Independent School District Reading First Initiative: 806-766-1050).  Literacy:  a transformational asset to inspire minds, enrich lives, increase opportunities & thus prevent hopelessness, crime & recidivism.

www.Literacy.Gov Explore new worlds: read!  Inspiration, prosperity & fulfillment.  Celebrating the joy of reading for 40+ years.  Parents, guardians, grandparents & older siblings:  you can help a child learn to love reading  1,000 children’s books — popular, classic & award-winning.  Tambien una conexion espanola.  Animated, talking picture books teach children the joys of reading.  Donates & distributes books to poor children; grants available for books donated to childcare programs. &  Grants for family literacy.  New, quality, hardcover children’s books for small, rural libraries. or or or or  To connect incarcerated parents with their children through reading, thus potentially breaking the cycle of alienation, hopelessness, crime & despair — while strengtheing the cycle of hope, confidence, competenence & positive possibiltiies.  High-quality, early education programs give kids the right start in life.  Children read books to help impoverished people around the world be better fed, proud & self-reliant.  Explore children’s books.  Sign up to review new books.

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