Be part of a miracle by helping animals Finding home for our nation’s pets. Find your nearest shelter: volunteer to walk dogs that are waiting to be adopted. Helping sick & injured pets that belong to low-income seniors & people with disabilities in Ontario. or PetTrac@AvidID/com or 1-800-336-2843 Microchip your pet to increase your opportunity for a happy reunion with your missing pet: a simple injection means a lifetime of protection. Identification/friend chip: a runaway success, global 24/7 pet-recovery network.  apply for animal-friendly grants in Texas.  24/7 all about pets. Select Pet Planet from the bottom-of-the-page bar to save lives.  Lost-&-Found e-bulletin board; adoptions; feral cats & more.  Conserve wildlife. Adopt a gorilla.  Protect land.  Empower people.  A better world through kindness to animals.  Be part of the miracle.  423-644-2001.  Your daily click helps animals survive.  Dedication & Everlasting Love to Animals. (843-871-2280)  Ape & monkey rescue & sanctuaries.  Working to protect all living primates:  gorillas, chimpanzees, moneys, lemurs & gibbons.  Rescuing & sheltering animals during disaster.  Making our world a better place for incredible primate beings.  Services to any animal lover & helping a four-legged friend in need.  Humane giving, health charities & non-animal medical research.  Adopt a homeless pet, locate shelter & rescue groups or visit the library for pet-care information.  TV series about heroic efforts of people helping animals.

Year-round support for dogs & cats:  Doctors & laypersons working together for compassionate & effective medical practice, research & health promotion.  Choosing better & more humane teaching methods.  Find answers to commonly asked questions, look at photographs of beautiful animal encouters & discover how to learn more about wildlife conservation.  Outdoor learning (community outreach programs; conservation & instructor training; teacher tool kit; Junior Naturalist for grade 4 & up; Outdoor Kids up to Grade 6; guide for parents & teachers; grants for schools, groups & communities; Texas Park & Wildlife Magazine free to educators).  Adopt A Buoy & learn about oceanography, meteorology, resource conservation & marine biology.  Surprises of nature through photos with captions for each letter of the alphabet.  Watch specially trained dogs locate bombs & drugs.  Spend a day in the life of an FBI employee at an FBI lab.  Do worldwide investigations. & select “Animals at Play” in the middle section of the page. View the inspirational photos of a Siberian Husky & a polar bear & hear the startled reactions of the incredulous photographer.

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