Help Children Learn & Thrive  US’ largest network of early-childhood Success by 6 coalitions, focused on improving school readiness through community change.  In 35+ communities or state.  Changing the way things work so young children can come to school ready to succeed.  School programs, retreats & summer camps for high-quality educational experiences – by combining cutting-edge curriculum & programs with an energetic staff with a passion for reaching kids.  Find out about PowerOne assemblies, outdoor education & more.  In Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado & your state, too.  Every child in the US entering school — prepared to succeed … on into higher education. Free resources for science teachers — to teach ahead of the textbook: topics, video, animation, lectures, virtual labs & more.  Providing volunteers to serve as independent voices in court for abused & neglected children throughout the South Plains of Texas.  CASA volunteers are trained & court appointed to investigate, monitor, report & serve as advocates for the best interests of children in the court system primarily as a result of abuse & neglect.  CASA volunteers seure a permanent placement for the child in a safe & caring environment.  Empowering childcare practitioners & directors to create positive results in the lives of young children as well as in their own lives — personally & professionally. or (512-480-4039 or 512-589-5376)  Healthy, hopeful & prosperous choices for teen-aged girls in underserved communities.  Invite the author of self-empowerment books to speak from first-person experience (as a teen-aged parent) to teen-aged girls in underserved communities.  Actively recruiting community-education instructors & part-time instructors (political science, sociology, economics, philosophy, history & geography) in & around Temple/central, Texas.  1-800-460-4636:  ask Anjanette Mesceke how to order TJC’s corporately sponsored pre-kindergarten through grade school activity books that nurture children’s college-going goal, next steps & family support.  Or find out how to create, publish & distribute your own series of college-success activity books for the youngest children in your community.  From high school, to college & beyond:  for students & for parents.  Scholarships, college jobs, college diversity & on-line degrees.  A valuable tool for students transitioning into high school, into college & into their careers.  Interactive games, tools & e-newsletters.  Find out about assembly-style educational presentations for high schools & colleges.  Discover dynamic & interactive resources for educators & students.  Mom-tested Internet safety for kids.  Making medical school affordable for Texans.  Supporting & encouraging highly talented & economically disadvantaged students pursuing a medical education.  En Espanol tambien.  Families’ free one-stop shop for vital information & guidance leading to & through college:  savings plans, academics, summer jobs & camps, finding a college, standardized tests, applications & admissions, campus life & issues, health & safety, graduate programs, jobs & internships, career planning, college-search tools, decisions, Spanish-English translations, financial aid & scholarships, bookstore & more.  Free e-mail newsletters:  a quarterly newsletter customized to your child’s year in school.  Adventures in education for parents, counselors, teachers, librarians; middle school, high school & college students.  Answers to questions like “What is satisfactory academic progress?”  “How will I know if I am eligible for financial aid?”  “How much is college going to cost?”  Discover 10 tips to help college students get “A” grades.  En Espanol tambien.

Replicate a successful Mother-Daughter college-going program sponsored by the Lubbock Branch of the American Association of University Women: LanePow@SuddenLink.Net  Flexibility with a high-quality education; resolve class-scheduling conflicts, make up a class, accelerate your studies:  diplomas (for kindergarten through 12th-grade students; credit by exams & dual credit), degrees or special courses for graduate & undergraduate college students & degrees or courses for working professionals.  Kindergarten through 12th-grade academic enrichment, college offerings, professional opportunities & upcoming events.  See how teachers are positively & effectively engaged with Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills.  Find your perfect career.  Higher earnings. Higher job satisfaction.  9,700+ 4-year universities, 2-year colleges, junior colleges, vocational schools, job-training programs, technical certification programs & more.

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