Obtain money/financial aid for college

Get your share of the $4 billion/year in Texas for student financial aid: grants (free money based on need); scholarships (free money based on talent, merit or need); loans (money that must be paid back); work-study (money earned from a part-time job on or off campus).

The cost of your education includes tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies, transportation and other personal expenses.  $60+ billion in financial aid is awarded to undergraduate college students every year. More than half of all enrolled college students qualify for some type of financial assistance (from www.LMCI.State.TX.US or 1-800-822-7526 or 512-837-7484).  Hundreds of college/university-scholarship opportunities for New Americans & Minoritieswww.DFWInternational.org/resource_center/Scholarship_Guide.pdf

Your college education can pay off!  Typically a college graduate earns $1+ million more during her/his lifetime than a person with only a high school diploma.

www.College.Gov  Meet other students like you who have overcome the challenges.  Why go?  See how education creates more opportunities.  What to do?  Learn how you can make your college dream a reality.  How to pay?  It might be easier than you think.

College can make a huge difference in your life — and your family’s.  More education can open doors or opportunity, financially and personally: boost your earnings, more education = more opportunity, find your passion, endless possibilities, prove your potential, you can succeed, grow with help and support, don’t go it alone, lift your family, create a legacy of success.  Community college can often cost less than other types of college — find schools.  Create your college roadmap.

www.FAFSA4caster.ED.Gov  Get an early, easy (as basic as A-B-C) start on the financial aid process via an early estimate of your eligibility for federal student aid.  Students must apply annuallyfor federal student aid.  The FAFSA covers federal & state grants, student & parent loans & some types of on-campus employment.

You can afford Texas Tech: www.RedRaiderGuarantee.TTU.edu Up to $6,800/year toward payment of your tuition & fees — if you’re a first-time freshman with a reported adjusted gross income for your family that is less than $40,000. The most costly education is the one not begun! Also, apply for scholarships through www.ApplyTexas.org & for current Texas Tech students: www.Scholarships.TTU.edu  Your free on-line financial-management guidelines:  www.CashCourse.org/TTU

Top 10 tips for college admissions & financial aid: [1] Take challenging high school courses (www.CollegeIsPossible.org or www.YesICan.Gov/secondary); [2] research a college/university that fits you: www.StudentAid2.ED.Gov/GoToCollege or www.CollegeBoard.com/CSearch; [3] take appropriate tests: www.ACT.org or www.CollegeBoard.com/testing; [4] apply to college(s)/university(ies) first semester of your senior year: www.CollegeForYou.org or www.YIC.Gov/secondary; [5] research your eligibility for financial aidwww.StudentAid.ED.Gov; [6] investigate scholarship opportunities starting in the 9th grade: www.CollegeAnswer.com or www.FastWeb.com; [7] beware of scholarship scams! www.GuideForParents.com; [8] understand specific costs associated with college/university: www.CollegeAnswer.com/paying/content/pay_college_costs.jsp or www.CollegeConfidential.com/financial_aid; [9] fill out the Free Application For Student Aid in January of your senior year & every year thereafter that you are in college: www.FAFSA.ED.Gov; [10] investigate student & parent loans: www.FinAid.org/loans

Helpful resources:  www.Scholarship-Page.comhttp://AmeriCorps.org (& select “Benefits of Service”); www.TheOldSchool.org; www.StudentLoanFunding.com; www.SLFALoan.com; http://collegefundingco.com; www.CollegeHonors.org; www.CollegeNet.com; www.College-Solutions.com; www.CollegeView.com/financialaid/salliemae.jsp; http://educationstart.org/home; www.FinAid.org; www.Migrant.Net; www.GetReadyForCollege.org/gPg.cfm?pageID=1586; www.RankinFoundation.org; www.LatinoCollegeDollars.org; www.MALDEF.org; http://opportunityplan.com/apply; www.Petersons.com/college-search/scholarship-search.aspx; http://go.salliemae.com/scholarship; https://www1.salliemae.com/before_college/students_plan/free_money/scholarship-search.htm; www.ScholarshipsForHispanics.org; www.Scholarship-page.com; www.CollegeForALLTexans.com; www.TGSLC.org

We provide [1] services to help folks stay in school/college: transportation assistance, medical services, child care & more; [2] stipends to help people apply for college & get financial aid; [3] training to encourage youth ages 14- to 21-years-old to graduate from high school & choose a college/career. Ask me to e-connect you with my counterpart in your town:  Mary.Mojica@SPWorkForce.org

www.FAFSA.ed.gov or 1-800-4-FED-AID for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (to determine student financial need) or ask your school counselor, public librarian or nearest college financial aid office.  For friendly, thorough, personalized consulting service in Texas about all aspects of student financial aid at 1-888-311-8881 (M-F, business hours).  En Espanol, tambien.

www.ACT.org  Financial aid estimator; for parents, educators, policymakers, adult learners & para los padres de familia.

www.ACTStudent.org  Financial aid, college planning, test prep, career planning & student blog.

Academic freedom scholarship:  $1,000 scholarship for Texas Tech University under/graduate students via 1,000-word academic freedom-related entry/essay.  For details:  806-799-2034 or William.Hartwell@TTU.edu

Accounting:  fellowships for minority doctoral students at www.AICPA.org/members/div/career/mini/fmds.htm   Also, 200 scholarships for minorities

Achievement Rewards for College Scientists:  scholarships through  www.ARCSFoundation.org for US citizens who are pursuing degrees in science, medicine & engineering.

www.hs.TTU.edu/csa  Addiction recovery-friendly environments for students willing to experience personal transformation while completing a university education.  Scholarships are available.  Vincent.C.Sanchez@TTU.edu 806-742-2891.


African-American high school students (scholarships, grants, internships, parent-support services & more):  www.WMScholars.org & www.baeo.org/programs?program_id=2 & www.NAACP.org/youth/scholarships/index.htm & www.InRoads.org.orgwww.APSANet.org/PS/Grants/Aspen3.cfm & www.Microsoft.com/College/SS_Overview.mspx

Historically Black College or University students’ essay contest: www.NAFEO.org/ProgramsForStudents.htm Navigate for resources through the left-hand menu.

United Negro College Fund: www.UNCF.org

African-American, Hispanic, First-Generation Hispanic, Hispanic transfer students, low-income & more: www.SallieMae.com/content/html_emails/slm_fund/pdfs/SLM_scholarship_facts_2007.pdf

All students! Scholarships & grants for higher education — regardless of age, race, religion, national origin, gender, of Masonic ties or affiliations, financial circumstances: www.KnightsTemplar.org& select “Education Foundation” from the left-hand menu.

See whether you might be eligible for money for college:  Guide to All U. S. Government Grants and Loans Benefiting Students:  www.fedmoney.org/;  Open Society Foundation:  www.soros.org/grantsNAFSA: Association of International Educators:  http://www.nafsa.org/students.secU.S. Department of Health & Human Services:  http://www.hhs.gov/grantsHispanic Association of Colleges & Universities:  www.hacu.net/scholarships;  FW International Community Alliance:  http://www.dfwinternational.org/resource_center/Scholarship_Guide.pdf;  Teach for America:  www.teachforamerica.org/compensation

American Indian Graduate Center:  www.AIGC.com. Also: www.APSANet.org/PS/Grants/Aspen3.cfm & www.Microsoft.com/College/SS_Overview.mspx

American Political Scienceminority scholar resources (grants, scholarships, internships, dissertation assistance & graduate school application preparation assistance)  www.APSANnet.org/PS/Grants/Aspen3.cfm

American Psychological Association of Graduate Students scholarships & awards for psychologists & students, minority fellowship programs, residential fellowships at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; student travel awards:  www.APA.org/Students/Funding.html

Animal-welfare scholarships: $30K  Three $10K Dr. Alice Virginia White Endowments at The Chi Omega Foundation:   www.ChiOmega.org to support Chi O collegians in the [a] Kappa Zeta Chapter at Texas Tech University Honors College who volunteer with TTU Feral Cat Program or the Humane Society of West Texas — in honor of now-late Lubbock alumna Jayne Ann Miller; [b] Iota Chapter at The University of Texas at Austin Plan B / Honors Program who volunteer with local animal-welfare organization(s) — in honor of Chi Omega Alumnae Association in Austin; & [c] Lambda      Chapter at The University of Kansas honors program who volunteer with local animal-welfare organization(s) — in honor of Chi Omega alumnae from 1965-1968.  Founding President, Chi Omega Alumnae of Western Kansas, circa ‘76;  Life Member, Austin Chi O Alumnae, circa ‘90; Annual Member, Lubbock Chi Omega Alumnae, circa ‘08.  Lead, Serve, Give.    Donate at www.ChiOmega.org & SKimball@ChiOmega.com & 901-748-8600:  3395 Players Club Parkway, Memphis, TN  38125-8863.

Art scholarships, fellowships, funding, festivals, grants, juried exhibitions, jobs, internships, contests, call for entries/proposals/papers, residencies, design & architecture competitions, auditions, casting calls — for artists, art educators & art students of all ageswww.xensei.com/users/adl

www.AstronautScholarship.org  Science & engineering scholarships.

www.Back2College.com  Download information about scholarships, grants & private organizations & associations that aid adults returning to college or entering vocational programs — especially for the re-entry students, women, single parents & adults re-entering the work force; money from federal, state & private organizational & academic programs.  Comprehensive directory of US universities & other colleges.

Biomedical research:  undergraduate, graduate & post-doctoral level research awards for outstanding African-American students:  www.UNCF.org/Merck/default.htm

Blind & visually impaired high school seniors, college & university students & vocational/technical school students:  www.ACBTexas.org/ScholarshipInfo.html or 806-796-1692 or HSFinley42@sbcglobal.net. Also: www.APSANet.org/PS/Grants/Aspen3.cfm & www.Microsoft.com/College/SS_Overview.mspx

www.BrokeScholar.com  Start your free scholarship search among 650,000 scholarship award listings.  Free service to apply for billions of scholarship & grant dollars.  Web site will match your profile to scholarships that apply specifically to you.  Use the on-line tools to stay organized & make the application process easier.  Receive regular scholarship e-mail updates.  Review the customized deadline calendar.

Childhood Language Disorders degree: www.ScottishRite.org & select “Scholarships” from the left-hand menu & then click on the mid-page link Scholarship Programs handled by the Supreme Council.

www.ChiOmega.com (select “Foundation” & then select “Scholarships”) or ask AReynolds@ChiOmega.com   For Chi Omega alumnae, 24 years of age or better, desiring to further their education through part-time & full-time studies.  Ten $1,000 grants will be awarded/semester on the basis of need, merit & individual goals for study at the college, university & vocational or technical school levels.


www.CollegeBoard.com/student/pay/add-it-up/index.html  Pay for college:  scholarships & aid, ways to pay, loan center, calculators, scholarship search, compare aid awards, apply for a loan, college costs, saving for college, college expenses & financial aid basics.

www.CollegeForALLTexans.com  $4 billion is available every year to help Texans attend college.  Free SAT & ACT test preparation.

www.CollegeIsPossible.org  Paying & preparing for college.  Student financial aid programs; facts about college prices; financial aid glossary; myths & realities about paying for college; Web sites, books & brochures.

www.CollegeSavings.org  or www.SavingForCollege.com  Get a head start with college savings plans & help your children reach for the stars:  pre-paid tuition plan & savings/investment plan.

www.CollegeScholarships.com  New scholarships are posted monthly.  Free information includes all details you need:  requirements, deadlines, amounts, contact name, address, phone number & Web site of each scholarship.

College scientists:  scholarships through  www.ARCSFoundation.org  Achievement Rewards for College Scientists:  for US citizens who are pursuing degrees in science, medicine & engineering.

www.CollegeSurfing.com/index.php Select financial aid at the bottom of the page.

Community/area/local foundations’ scholarships Ask for contact information for community/area/local scholarship-awarding foundation(s) in your town: www.LubbockAreaFoundation.org or Contact@LubbockAreaFoundation.org or 806-762-8061

Community service scholarships for high school seniors: http://Communications.BestBuy.com/CommunityRelations/Scholarships.asp

Diversity scholarshipshttp://DiversityFirstScholarship.org or Dennis.Kennedy@TexasDiversityCouncil.org

Diversity and Leadership scholarships: www.TexasDiversityConference.com/applyscholarship.htm Also: www.APSANet.org/PS/Grants/Aspen3.cfm & www.Microsoft.com/College/SS_Overview.mspx

Eagle Scouts’ annual scholarships:  www.bsacac.org/eagle_scout_info & http://www.bsacac.org/my_files/Forms/eagle_scout_scholarship_application.pdf

www.ED.gov/finaid  Helping families, students pay for college.

Engineering:  scholarships for freshmen at Texas Tech University:  Mohammad.Saed@TTU.edu or 806-742-1252; Judy.Patterson@TTU.edu (806-742-3533).

Engineering: www.Siemens-Foundation.org/EN

www.FastWeb.com  Free money for college with 1.3+ million scholarships.

www.FedMoney.org  130+ government grants, loans, scholarships, fellowships & traineeships related to education.

Fellowships & fellowship databasehttp://cuinfo.cornell.edu/Student/GRFN/list.phtml?category=MINORITIES

www.FinAid.org  Free scholarship search, tips on filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid/FAFSA & maximizing eligibility, get personalized help; calculate college costs, loan payments, savings & the expected family contribution; info about testing, college admissions & jobs; military aid, loans, grants, fellowships & more.

First-Generation Hispanic, African-American, Hispanic, Hispanic transfer students, low-income & more: www.SallieMae.com/content/html_emails/slm_fund/pdfs/SLM_scholarship_facts_2007.pdf &  www.APSANet.org/PS/Grants/Aspen3.cfm & www.Microsoft.com/College/SS_Overview.mspx

www.gmsp.org Scholarships for the best & brightest students who cannot afford college.

Graduate-level research fellowships:  Fellowships, grants & award$ for U.S. & international graduate-women scholars.  Fellowship & grant recipients perform research in a wide range of disciplines & work to improve their schools & communities.

Grants & scholarships: www.KelloggFoundation.org

Health, rural scholarships: www.TTUHSC.edu/RuralHealth & then scroll downward to select the scholarship link in the large, right-hand section of the page

Healthcare scholarships: www.TylenolScholarship.com

High school juniors‘ scholarship: www.discoverfinancial.com/data/philanthropy/tribute.shtml

Hispanic, African-American, First-Generation Hispanic, Hispanic transfer students, low-income & more: www.SallieMae.com/content/html_emails/slm_fund/pdfs/SLM_scholarship_facts_2007.pdf  & www.APSANet.org/PS/Grants/Aspen3.cfm & www.Microsoft.com/College/SS_Overview.mspx

Hispanic First in My Family Scholarship: www.HispanicFund.org

Hispanic youth with vision, talent & underprivilege: mentoring, resources & scholarships. www.HispanicFund.org

www.HSF.net Hispanic Scholarship Fund, outreach programs & partners.

First-generation Hispanic students (first in their family to attend college):  www.TheSallieMaeFund.org/smfnew/index.html

Hispanic high school seniors: www.NSBA.org/site/page.asp?TRACKID=&CID=2009&DID=39818
Rotary members: family-minded, interested in their grand/kids/community or 806-781-1538 For females of Hispanic descent who are residents of Lubbock County.

Hispanic Journalism scholarships: www.NAHJ.org/EducationalPrograms/NAHJScholarships.shtml Scholarships to encourage & assist Latino students to pursue careers in journalism.

Hispanic scholarships for students who have a history of performing public service-oriented activities in their communities & who plan to continue contributing in the future: www.CHCI.org

Hispanic undergraduate students seeking National Aeronautical and Space Administration summer research experience: http://Scholarships.HispanicFund.org & select a variety of scholarship opportunities.

Historic/Preservation Fellows Program www.THC.state.TX.us $5,000 stipend for eight weeks of employment & living expenses. For Texas residents attending a public or private university, junior or community college in Texas. To build interest in & awareness of historic preservation among college-aged young adults, specifically those who are of diverse cultural backgrounds. To encourage interest in history, preservation, architecture, archeology, landscape architecture, downtown revitalization & heritage tourism. Preservation Fellows will learn about the impact that historic preervation programs can have on a community’s economic development.

http://Holocaust.HKLaw.com Scholarships & essay-contest scholarships.


www.AAUW.edu & select “EDUCATION” from the top menu:  Fellowships, grants & award$ for U.S. & international graduate-women scholars.  To apply for an AAUW fellowship or grant, visit www.aauw.org/education/fga. For application questions, contact aauw@act.org.  $3+M in funding for 200+ fellowships & grants to outstanding women & nonprofit organizations in FY10.  Fellowship & grant recipients perform research in a wide range of disciplines & work to improve their schools & communitiesAlso, AAUW Awarded $3.7M in Fellowships & Grants for ’11–’12 Academic Year in support of 239 scholars, research projects, & programs promoting education & equity for women & girls. Since awarding its first fellowship in 1888, AAUW
has provided more than $90M to 11,000+ fellows & grantees from around the globe.  ’11–’12 AAUW fellows & grantees join a prestigious circle that includes trailblazers such as Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie & novelist Susan Sontag. It also includes many of today’s leading thinkers & innovators, such as youth expert & author Rosalind Wiseman, economist Heather Boushey & social entrepreneur Jane Chen. (To find out more about this year’s exceptional class of awardees, view the online directory of 2011–12 fellows and grantees posted on the AAUW website)  AAUW fellowship & grant program is one of the largest funding pools available exclusively for graduate-level women.”  ’11-’12 AAUW awarded 47 Career Development Grants; 27 Community Action Grants; 22 Selected Professions Fellowships; 88 American Fellowships; 49 International Fellowships; 5 International Project Grants; 1 EleanorRoosevelt Fund Award

www.IIE.org/Template.cfm?section=Fulbright1  US & non-US student programs, post-doctoral opportunities:  for students, scholars & professionals to undertake graduate study, advanced research, university teaching & teaching in elementary & secondary schools — to increase mutual understanding between peoples of the US & elsewhere, through the exchange of persons, knowledge & skills.

http://trust.gatesscholar.org   100 annual awards to cover full costs of studying at Cambridge University.

www.GradSchools.com/info/Financial.html  Graduate school information center for financial aid & financial aid abroad.

www.IEFA.org  Source for international financial aid & college scholarship search; latest financial aid blogs, financial aid resources.

www.IESAbroad.org/IES/home.html  Scholarships for high-quality academic study-abroad programs & internship opportunities that foster intercultural development (semester & summer programs; interactive map to find your program).

www.IAFF.TTU.edu Scholarships for Texas Tech students studying internationally with Texas Tech academic programs.

www.IIE.org/programs/Freeman-Asia Scholarships to increase the number of US undergraduates who study in East & Southeast Asia.

www.BorenAwards.org/Boren_scholarship  For undergraduate and graduate students to study in countries other than Western Europe, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. Preference will be given to applicants for study in areas deemed critical to national security & to applicants pursuing fields of study related to national security interests. All recipients will enter into an agreement work for an agency of the US government with national security responsibilities.

www.Rotary.org/foundation/educational/amb_scho/prospect/candidate/eligibility.html  Academic-year & multi-year international scholarships for college students interested in humanitarian service. Scholars will receive round-trip transportation & all tuition & fees, as well as room & board.

World Peace Fellowships for international study at centers in Japan, Australia, Argentina, England & the United States: www.Rotary.org (select “Learn more about Rotary’s peace programs” from lower, right-hand menu/Rotary is Humanity in Action) or RotaryCenters@Rotary.org Find out about Apply through a Rotary club nearest you( www.Rotary.org & select “Club Locator” at the top-most bar — to the left of the Search box).


Inventors: www.Invent.org/Collegiate
www.ItAllAddsUp.org  On-line games & simulations to learn about investing, saving, budgeting, paying for college, buying a car & credit management.

www.JackieRobinson.org  Education is our pitch:  scholarships to underserved high school students showing leadership potential.

http://JamesMadison.com/main.htm  Fellowships to a select group of individuals desiring to become outstanding teachers of the US Constitution.

www.JumpStart.org  Financial smarts for students.  Jump$tart Money IQ Quiz for teens.  Students learn how to pay for higher education, plan a business, manage money & more.

Loans for college:  www.HHLoans.com or www.CollegeAnswer.com/index.jsp or www.TheSallieMaeFund.org/smfnew/index.html

Law & pre-Law: www.TexasBar.com or www.YouTube.com/group/TexansOnJustice Make a video, win $2,500. Share your vision of the promise of Justice for All via the Lone Star Stories: Texans on Justice contest. $2,500 scholarship for under 18-years-old & for 18 & over.

Low-income, Hispanic transfer, first-generation Hispanic, African-American, Hispanic students & more: www.SallieMae.com/content/html_emails/slm_fund/pdfs/SLM_scholarship_facts_2007.pdf

Lubbock Area Foundation scholarships: www.LubbockAreaFoundation.org or Contact@LubbockAreaFoundation.org or 806-762-8061: 2007-2008 scholarship recipients are studying accounting, agriculture, art, avionics, ballet, biochemistry, biology, broadcasting, business, communication, counseling, early-childhood education, engineering, English, finance, international economics, kinesiology, law, math, medicine, meteorology, nursing, nutritional sciences, pharmacy, physical therapy, physics, psychology, secondary education & sports medicine. Ask for contact information for the community foundation in your town.

Make a commercial about safe driving & win a scholarship: www.SafetyScholarsVideo.com

www.marshallscholarship.org  Scholarships for young Americans of high ability to study for a degree in the United Kingdom — to strengthen the enduring relationship between the British & American peoples, governments & institutions.

Math majors/entering freshmen at Texas Tech University for permanent residents! up to $10,000/year for up to four years of undergraduate work: www.math.TTU.edu/spms/index.htm

Math: www.Siemens-Foundation.org/EN

Money!  for school, college & more:  for youth with economic or behavioral challenges:  14-18 yr. olds (in-school & follow-up resources):  paid summer employment; high school & post-secondary education assistance (bus passes, gas, medical- & community-services referrals, glasses, shoes for sports; money management, career opportunities, preparing for college — financial aid, applications, entrance exams, college directories & degree options; childcare to enable youth to work or go to school & more):  Terecita.Torres@SPWorkForce.org; students’ success:  18-21 yr. olds childcare, rent utilities, jobs (if  seeking employment, college or attending college — funds for tuition, books, working clothes, tools, fuel); employers of people with disabilities:  50 percent reimbursement for certain employees’ wages:  Terecita.Torres@SPWorkForce.org; unskilled, unemployed, uninsured youth &/or family:  case-managed program with training & guidance (includes tuition, training, fees, books, supplies, scrubs, tools for eligible prospects/students).  Anyone:  ask about grants for financial assistance, utility bills, clothes; get volunteers for your causes; free workshops, training & assistance for job seekers (access to computers for job searches, mock interviews, assistance for youth 17-18 yr. old in finding part-time jobs; list of agencies that provide vouchers for weekly food boxes.  Unemployed job-seekers:  educational expense (tuition, fees, books, supplies, free workshops, instruction &/or training about job interviews, establishing a work history, completing job applications); free aptitude & interest tests on Tuesdays & Fridays; literacy test to determine aptitudes & to suggest college readiness; presentations for youth/adults about getting & retaining employment while avoiding or transitioning out of public assistance (how to interview for a job, proper work attire, resume writing, required occupational training/education):  Mary.Mojica@SPWorkForce.org & www.WorkInTexas.com for career & job exploration.

www.msdf.org  Initiatives & programs that foster active minds, healthy bodies & a safe environment where children can thrive.  Free printers for 501c3 organizations.

www.naas.org/tsen.php  Merit competition for US high school seniors with scholastic excellence, leadership, merit, integrity & outstanding character.

www.NationalService.org/Scholarships  Scholarships recognizing high school students for outstanding leadership in service to their community & neighbors.

Orphans:  scholarships, resources & a place to belong:  www.orphan.org

www.PDSoros.org  Opportunities for continuing generations of able & accomplished New Americans to achieve leadership in their chosen fields.

www.PracticalMoneySkills.com  Financial literacy education for adults, parents & children.

www.PrincetonReview.com/College/default.asp Scholarships & aid (from left-hand menu)

Principal/superintendent/public school administration degree: www.ScottishRite.org & select “Scholarships” from the left-hand menu & then click on the mid-page link Scholarship Programs handled by the Supreme Council.

Public school administration/principal/superintendent degree! www.ScottishRite.org & select “Scholarships” from the left-hand menu & then click on the mid-page link Scholarship Programs handled by the Supreme Council.

Research fellowships:  Fellowships, grants & award$ for U.S. & international graduate-women scholars.  Fellowship & grant recipients perform research in a wide range of disciplines & work to improve their schools & communities.

www.RhodesScholar.org/info.html  Scholarships for study at Oxford University.

www.RonBrown.org  10-20 $10,000 scholarships; renewable; academic merit, leadership, community service; all fields.  Also, scholarship resources, pre-professional internships; Council on African-American Affairs.

www.RoothbertFund.org/scholarships.php  To help men & women (who are motivated by spiritual values) in need of financial aid to further their education (undergraduate or graduate studies in the US).

www.Rotary.org/foundation/educational/amb_scho  $500M annually for 800 scholarships  to recipients in 70 countries.

Rural Health Education scholarships: www.TTUHSC.edu/RuralHealth/Scholarships.aspx or (C.Felton@TTUHSC.edu) or 806-743-1338. Supporting the education & training of students who plan to establish rural health practices in Texas. For students in undergraduate or graduate education degree programs that lead to health professional licensure: doctors, nurses, pharmacists & allied health professionals of all kinds

http://ScholarshipsOnThe.net  Scholarship searches, scholarships, tuition financing, scholarship resources (calculators, directories, fellowships, government resources, scholarship links), financial aid (links, government resources, state aid, college financial aid offices).

Scholarships! www.InstituteForBrandLeadership.orghttp://web.MIT.edu/Mites/www/links/links_scholarships.shtml & www.ScottishRite.org.org & www.KnightsTemplar.org & select “Education Foundation” from the left-hand menu.

School counselors:  Ask KRakestraw@SchoolCounselor.org about $1,000 scholarships for master’s-level students in school counseling programs.

Science & engineering graduate research fellowships:  www.NSFGradFellows.org

Science, engineering & business scholarships, competitions, grants — for students & educators:  www.Siemens-Foundation.org

Science scholarships for college scientistswww.ARCSFoundation.org  Achievement Rewards for College Scientists:  for US citizens who are pursuing degrees in science, medicine & engineering.

Science talent search:  pre-college science contest with scholarship prizes:  www.SciServ.org/sts

www.StudentAid.ed.gov  For students, parents & counselors:  student aid for college, graduate school, returning students, international students & elementary through high school students.

www.SuperCollege.com  Free cash for college:  free financial aid workshops, e-newsletters, tools, services & resources.


Superintendent/principal/public administration degree! www.ScottishRite.org.org & select “Scholarships” from the left-hand menu & then click on the mid-page link Scholarship Programs handled by the Supreme Council.

Teacher scholarships: www.Siemens-Foundation.org/EN

Technology: www.Siemens-Foundation.org/EN

www.ThurgoodMarshallFund.org  Scholarships to prepare a new generation.

www.Truman.gov  Scholarships; internship opportunities for those wanting to make a difference in public service.

Tuition supportwww.TodaysMilitary.com/app/tm/get/collegehelp

www.UNCF.org  A mind is a terrible thing to waste:  scholarships, internships, fellowships & corporate partnerships.

www.USIP.org/Ed/NPEC/index.html  National peace essay contest.

www.EveryChanceEveryTexan.org/about/scholarships  Finding financial aid, educational expenses, places to contact for money for college; index to scholarships & financial aid programs; subject index to financial aid programs; federal financial aid; state of Texas financial aid; student loan program; college admission & financial aid checklist; Texas colleges & universities.

Undocumented studentswww.GetReadyForCollege.org/gPg.cfm?pageID=1586

Welfare recipientswww.CollegeForALLTexans.com/apps/FinancialAid/tofa2.cfm?ID=559  One-year exemption from college tuition & fees for high school graduates who qualify(TX resident, graduate of TX public high school; a dependent child whose parents received financial assistance through TX Assistance for Needy Families for at last 6 mos. of the year of the child’s high school graduation; is younger than 22 yr. of age on enrollment date; enrolls as an undergraduate at a public college/university & starts using the award within 24 mos. of graduation from high school – & not later than the second anniversary of date of graduation; enrolls in classes for which the college/university receives tax support).

Women graduate students:  Fellowships, grants & award$ for U.S. & international graduate-women scholars:  $3+M in funding for 200+ fellowships & grants to outstanding women & nonprofit organizations in FY10.  Fellowship & grant recipients perform research in a wide range of disciplines & work to improve their schools & communities.

World Peace Fellowships for international study at centers in Japan, Australia, Argentina, England & the United States:  www.Rotary.org (select “Learn more about Rotary’s peace programs” from lower, right-hand menu/Rotary is Humanity in Action) or RotaryCenters@Rotary.org  Find out about   Apply through a Rotary club nearest you( www.Rotary.org & select “Club Locator” at the top-most bar — to the left of the Search box).

Superintendent, principal, public administration degree: www.ScottishRite.org & select “Scholarships” from the left-hand menu & then click on the mid-page link Scholarship Programs handled by the Supreme Council.

$70,500 in essay-contest prize money; 536 prizes for high school & college students; internships, teacher & professor resources:  www.AynRand.org/Contests

Local resources:  community groups, religious organizations & social clubs in your area may offer grants or scholarships.  Ask your public librarians or the groups themselves (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Optimists, American Association of University Women, las CoMadres, Upward Bound, Talent Search, 100 Black Men, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, churches, alumni & other associations, clubs, community or area foundations; after-school, mentoring or tutoring programs; etc.:  www.MakeKidsCount.com with $10,000 scholarships for 9 to 12-year-olds in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal’s home newspaper-delivery areas).

On-line Scholarship Search Tips:  free on the Web or at your local library.  Beware of scholarship scams — you don’t have to pay for help.  Tell tale scam lines:  “The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back.”  “You can’t get this information anywhere else.”  “I just need your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship.”  “We’ll do all the work.”  “The scholarship will cost some money.”  “You’ve been selected by a ‘national foundation’ to receive a scholarship.”  “You’re a finalist” in a contest you never entered.

To begin your own on-line search, start with large search engines that are updated continually, such as www.Yahoo.com or www.Google.com  Use broad terms (“scholarship,” “grant,” “internship”).  Tailor your search by adding keywords such as “drama,” “art” or “tennis,” depending on your interests & talents, or by adding desired locations, schools or cities.  This will narrow the search results.  Next, you can search the sites of major companies, foundations, associations or groups.  Many offer specialized grants or scholarships.  Finally, review the Web listings, above, to apply for scholarships or simply get ideas on how to expand your own search.

Financial Aid Offices:  Call or visit the financial aid offices of all the colleges or universities to which you have applied.  Each school may offer a different financial-offer package, based on your needs & qualifications.  Each school will also have its own deadline.

For example, at Texas Tech University (www.FinancialAid.TTU.edu or 806-742-3681 or FinAid.Advisor@TTU.edu), the financial aid-related steps are  [1] request student & parent Personal Identification Numbers at www.PIN.ED.gov in order to access Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); [2] complete the FAFSA at www.FAFSA.ED.gov YEARLY in order to be considered for scholarships, grants, federal work-study & loans.  FAFSA is available after January 1 each year; [3] complete the scholarship application at www.ApplyTexas.org (submit application before Feb. 1); [4] once financial aid is awarded, a student will receive an e-mail message directing the student to www.RaiderAid.TTU.edu — where students & parents may use the Loans By Web (https://lbw.tgslc.org) on the Task menu in Raider Aid; [5] first-time borrowers at Texas Tech must complete Entrance Loan Counseling before a loan check can be disbursed (part of the Loans By Web process); [6] student’s loan check will be sent to TTU electronically & will automatically be applied toward what the student owes the university.  Any left-over amount will be mailed to the student or direct deposited.  Scholarships & grants will also be applied toward what the student owes.  A student must be enrolled at least half-time (at least 6 credit hours per fall or spring semester) before any aid can be disbursed.       Receive a scholarship from your hometown?  Ask your donor to make your check to Texas Tech University, include your name, social security number & disbursement instructions & mail to TTU Scholarship Office, Box 45011, Lubbock, Texas  79409-5011.       Expecting to receive a scholarship?  Report expected scholarships to the TTU Financial Aid Office.

Loans:  Ask your college or university financial aid office about the loan-application process at their particular institution.  They may also help you find a lender — an organization able to loan the funds to you.  Not sure what to ask about?  Take the 1-4 list, below, to start your conversation with the friendliest, most helpful person in the college or university financial aid office.  Be sure to thank the person helping you & stay in touch with the helpful person.  Your thoughtful updates will keep you at the top of their minds whenever a new scholarship or work-study opportunity appears.

1.  The least expensive loans, targeted toward needy students, are subsidized Federal Stafford Loans & Perkins Loans (no interest or repayment while the borrower is enrolled on at least a half-time basis).

2.  Specialized, need-based loans are also available to students in medical & allied health professions.  Interest does accumulate while the student is in school, but no repayment is required until the student drops below half-time enrollment.

3.  Students who do not qualify for need-based aid also might be eligible to borrow money through the Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan Program or the College Access Loan Program.

4.  Parents may also borrow through the federal PLUS Loan Program & a variety of supplemental educational loan programs.

Turn everyday spending into college savings: www.UPromise.com/SallieMaeSaver Pay down your eligible Sallie Mae-serviced student loans by linking your Sallie Mae loan account to your UPromise account & designated rewards of $25 or more will be transferred to your Sallie Mae account on a quarterly basis.

Plan for a lifetime of financial prosperity. Talk with a peer — someone you can really relate to — about financial opportunities, questions or challenges. Free & confidential financial planning & seminars for students about paying off credit-card debt, establishing & using credit, creating a budget, saving money, investing, correcting credit-report mistakes, organizing finances, tax planning, selecting employee benefits, expenses after college, buying a car or home, planning pre-marital finances: www.R2B.TTU.edu or 806-742-9781 or Dottie.Durband@TTU.edu or Sonya.Britt@TTU.edu or Stephen.Hunsaker@TTU.edu or Sharla.Taylor@TTU.edu

Let me add your favorite Web sites & contacts!

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