Help children & families around the world  You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent for a child needing a home.  Global association of the world’s leading social entreprenurs — women & men with system-changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems.  Pragmatic, entrepreneurial & heartfelt approach with small, isolated rural communities in Ethiopia.  Making a sustainable difference in the lives of rural poor through indigenous self-help organizations which provide clean water; schools; health care; veterinary clinics; irrigation & emergency relief in crisis situations.  One hundred percent gets through to the people in need.  World hunger relief through dehydrated food, nutritional supplements & international food-relief partnerships & emergency preparedness. International humanitarian aid organisation seeking out & serving the most vulnerable people affected by crisis — particularly the forgotten men, women & children who live in difficult-to-access regions in Africa, the Middle East & Asia. Bringing life-saving relief & rehabilitation in disasters, crises & conflict areas by working alongside the most vulnerable. — sustaining 2.5 million people annually — regardless of race, religion or politics — while upholding their dignity & independence. Expertise in health care, water & sanitation, shelter & infrastructure. Hiring [a] first-time international-relief personnel with no field experience: for a one-year volunteer-like commitment (stipend + benefits); &/or [b] veteran international-relief personnel with field experience (salary + benefits): medical professionals such as physicians, nurses; water sanitarians & experts in providing temporary or permanent shelter. The 24/7 eight-day MedAir Relief Orientation Training (March, June & October) + formal interview will give first-time prospects real-life experiences to help them & MedAir decide about their suitability for a one-year commitment. Seeking donors to make a difference in the world by financially investing in humanitarian relief projects.  Working together in health for mothers, children & communities:  Child Survival Collaborations & Resources Group.  Leveraging impacts for good.  Economic development programs using federal contracting to help distressed communities.  International volunteers waging peace through service.  Travel that feeds the soul.  Since 1984:  more than 17,000+ volunteers for community-development projects worldwide; touching hearts & changing lives in 20 countries.  Peace, prosperity & hope to Afghan farm families.  Ending hunger.  Caring for the earth.  Closing the affordable-housing gap through partnerships:  peer network & business cooperative of 87 affordable-housing nonprofits in the US (through public/private business model that forges entrepreneurial partnerships among business, community & government sectors).  Supporting primary-school education through your purchases.  Bringing hope & healing to the forgotten poor by serving urgent surgical needs of the poor &   empowering developing communities.  Mercy Ships has performed 1.5+ million services valued at $600+ million & impacting 1.7+ million direct beneficiaries.  Behind every statistic is a Life.  Healing the whole person.  Training & service opportunities.  Join Mercy Ships without leaving home.  Alleviating poverty while enhancing the rich cultural heritage of Khampa/Tibetan nomadic families — for generations to come.  Life is calling.  Encouraging peace through basketball games:  hooping with the enemy.  Providing Latin America’s poorest women with means to build livelihoods for themselves & futures for their families through micro-lending business training & healthcare support.  World change starts with educated children.  Social catalysts who are social capitalists helping 3,000+ people (homeless or living in poverty) get jobs, housing, legal support & skills to create better lives for themselves in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA.  Mobilizing communities/grassroots networks in 16 countries to implement safety programs & hands-on training throughout the world.  Working closely with law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, health & safety experts, professionals, educators, parents, businesses, foundations, governments, policymakers, volunteers & children.  Your simple act of compassion could be somebody’s miracle:  start a new tradition of giving.  For 28+ years, Seva has served people around the world who are struggling for health, cultural survival & sustainable communities.  To financially empower the poor, pilot new solutions to poverty & transform asset policy in California.  Social entrepreneurs investing in common good:  Nobel Prize winner, MacArthur Fellows, PBS Foundation Social Entrepreneurship Fund, uncommon heroes & scaling capacities support effectively growing impacts.  A community of social investors who make a world of difference. Inspire love of reading & writing — an educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children.  for beneficiaries in Belgium:  helping social non-profits define & reach their objectives by assisting them in developing the necessary capacity to do so.  Give a child a future.  University scholarships for South African students.

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