Encourage Kids to Learn & Thrive

www.StarFall.com Inspire love of reading & writing — an educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children.

www.SkyRanchSchools.com  School programs, retreats & summer camps for high-quality educational experiences – by combining cutting-edge curriculum & programs with an energetic staff with a passion for reaching kids.  Find out about PowerOne assemblies, outdoor education & more.  In Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado & your state, too.

www.TheSafeSide.com  Mom-tested Internet safety for kids.

www.JStart.org  Every child in the US entering school — prepared to succeed … on into higher education.

www.wtv-zone.com/cal731/index.html Transform your perspective via an electronic mini-vacation of beauty & inspiration.  

www.JA.org/Programs/Programs.shtml  Kindergarten through 12th-grade students learn through hands-on experiences to connect success in school with success in their future.

www.BBBSofEP.org  Make a difference by mentoring a child or enrolling your child. 

www.CSASeminars.com or CSpriggsAdams@Austin.rr.com (512-480-4039 or 512-589-5376)  Healthy, hopeful & prosperous choices for teen-aged girls in underserved communities.  Invite the author of self-empowerment books to speak from first-person experience (as a teen-aged parent) to teen-aged girls in underserved communities. 

http://wdcrobcolp01.ed.gov/cfapps/free/displaysubject.cfm?aud=1  Free, dynamic learning resources.

www.AVIDonLine.org/info/?tabid=1&ID=548  Cultivate individual determination & joy of learning.

www.SmarThinking.com  24/7 tutoring via e-instructors for math, writing, chemistry, biology, physics, statistics, accounting, economics & Spanish.  Students may submit essays to the on-line writing lab for personalized critique, usually within 24 hours.  En Espanol, tambien.

www.TTU.edu/IDEAL  For high-achieving youth — Caprock Crime Scene Investigation, Create the Future, Crusader Raiders, Science:  It’s a Girl Thing, Shake Hands with Your Future & Super Saturdays.  (On Web page, scroll downward & click on K-12 Enrichment).

www.WileysWay.net  & Michelle.Hamman@TTU.edu  Invite mascots such as Wiley (The College-Going Crab) or Ida (The Reading Dog), to your events.  Ask about literacy- & enriched-learning opportunities.

www.TPWD.state.tx.us/involved  Outdoor learning for kids, teachers & all.

www.CollegeForTexans.com & www.AIE.org & 1-888-311-8881 in Texas (M-F, business hours; En Espanol, tambien).  $4 billion/year in Texas for student financial aid.  College motivation & financial-aid information for students, parents, educators & counselors.  Adventures in education for parents, counselors, teachers, librarians; middle school, high school & college students.  Answers to questions like “What is satisfactory academic progress?”  “How will I know if I am eligible for financial aid?”  “How much is college going to cost?”  Discover 10 tips to help college students get “A” grades. 

www.RaidersRojos.org/pages/Juanitas_Diary/jd_dvd.asp or 806-742-1998, x. 463.  Discover Juanita’s Diary DVD/script/curriculum guide with TAKS- & community-friendly conversations, activities & lessons (pre-kindergarten through sophomores in college).  Find out how grant funding may help your school or youth-friendly organization obtain at no- or low-charge the endearing & inspiring college-success story about young Juanita Garcia, as she follows the crops with her migrant-farming family & ends up graduating from college.

www.Kids.gov  A treasure hunt of kids’ sites to explore, learn & have fun.

www.FedStats.gov/kids.html  Fun ways to explore statistical concepts & geography using games & the Web.

www.HealthFinder.gov/Kids  75 games about protecting your body & mind.

www.TTU.edu/MusicCamps  Music camps for pre-college students; including Band/Orchestra & All-State Choir.

www.nga.gov/Kids/  Interactive art that kids can make on line.

http://BensGuide.gpo.gov  Learn how government works through word puzzles, debate topics & historical documents.  For kindergarten through 12th-grade students.

www.MathForum.org/dr.math/ask/finding.html  Math help for elementary schoool through college & beyond.

http://memory.loc.gov/learn/features/puzzle/puzintro.html  Weekly jigsaw-photo puzzle to assemble, with clues to identify photos from the Library of Congress & to discover the common themes among the photos.

www.epa.gov/safewater/kids  Build your own aquifer, see experiments on the water- treatment process, enjoy Thirstins’ Wacky Water Adventure Activity Book.

www.ars.usda.gov/is/kids  Science for kids — series of stories about what scientists do with the agricultural-research service.

http://pbskids.org/wayback/prez/secrets/index.html  Secret history of our 42 presidents.

www.yoto98.noaa.gov/kids.htm  Adopt A Buoy & learn about oceanography, meteorology, resource conservation & marine biology.

www.nps.gov/yell/KidStuff/index.htm  Take a scavenger hunt of Yellowstone National Park.

www.cr.nps.gov  National Park Services link to the past.

www.USMint.gov/Kids/flashindex.cfm  Start a coin collection:  293 ways to make change for a dollar.  Design a future coin.

www.FBI.gov/fbikids.htm  Watch specially trained dogs locate bombs & drugs.  Spend a day in the life of a FBI employee at an FBI lab.  Do worldwide investigations.

www.4Kids.org  More effective ways of creating learning environments for all children through advancing technologies such as the Internet.

http://amazingkids.org  Classrooms redesigned with children in mind & more.

www.eere.Energy.gov/kids  Dr. E’s Energy Lab:  renewable energy, energy efficiency tests, alternative fuels, geothermal energy, wind energy & solar energy.

www.ferc.gov/Students/Kids/Kids.htm  See pictures of oil, hydro & natural gas industries.  Play with a map of America.  Play several games (go through a fun maze, do a word find or complete a crossword puzzle).

www.FunBrain.com  Education site for kindergarten through eighth graders & teachers:  flash arcades, Web books, movies, math games, reading, playground & more games.

www.JackHanna.com  Find answers to commonly asked questions, see photographs of beautiful animal encounters & discover how to learn more about wildlife conservation.

www.KidGen.com  Free software to teach the alphabet, letters, numbers, counting, reading & spelling — using pictures & video clips.   

www.nces.ed.gov  Education statistics:  collect & analyze data related to education.

http://Bush.TAMU.edu/Academics/MPSA/Capstone/project  Even under very conservative assumptions, the benefits of universally accessible, high-quality pre-kindergarten for four-year-olds in Texas greatly outweigh the costs.

www.FightCrime.org/issue_earlyed.php  High-quality, early education programs give kids the right start in life.

www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/basic-ref/students.htm  Students’ Corner about nuclear energy (what is nuclear energy;  nuclear reactors, radiation, emergency planning, security & decommissioning); teachers’ lesson plans, glossary of nuclear terms, basic references, periodic table of the elements & games.

www.PE4Life.org  Active body, active mind.

www.usfa.fema.gov/Kids/Flash.shtm  Working for a fire-safe America.  Resources for parents & teachers.

www.Washington.org  Maps, fun, events:  for visitors, meeting planners, travel professionals & members of mass media.

www.WCS.org  Saving wildlife around the globe.

www.WorldWildLife.org  Discover endangered species, global forces, conservation science, activities & travel; explore WildFinder, WildWorld, camera traps, fun, games, e-cards, wallpaper & photo galleries.

www.Zuzu.org  Artwork, mysterious stories, poetry, creative writing, photography, courageous kids, neighborhood reports, virtual vacations, Kids Collect!  interview, Broadway reviews & more.

www.Baylor.edu/SummerScience  Selective, hands-on high school summer science research program.

www.Biomedsci.Cornell.edu/graduate_school/html/14805.cfm  For college students:  apply for the summer research program to awaken & foster interest in biomedical research & education.

www.cmu.edu/enrollment/pre-college or  Get a head start in college through a summer of exploration for juniors & seniors in high school:  architecture, art, design, drama & music.  Meet people from all over the world.

 www.cem.uvm.edu/summer  Got brains?  Competitive, eight-day summer program for high school students to make a difference in the world & serve humanity (through robotics, engineering & mathematical sciences). 

www.cee.org  Nurturing careers of excellence & leadership in science & technology for academically talented high school & college students — for future leaders of the world.

www.Infinity-Project.org  Free materials for classroom support & a program to help educators provide a maximum of engineering exposure with a minimum of training & expense:  Our Digital Future, technology kit & comprehensive professional development courses for teachers. 

www.EurekAlert.org/kidsnews  Science, medicine, technology for kids & families.  Wealth of Web links for kids including Creature Feature, Exploring Caves, Global Bug Conspiracy, My Life as an Elk, Robot Zoo, Sciences of Football, Space Chase, Walking with Beasts & Zap!

 www.Senate.state.TX.us/Kids  For kids, parents & teachers:  explore the Texas Capitol & learn about state government.

www.GlobalSchoolHouse.org/GSH/Doors  Challenging middle & high school students around the world to produce Web projects that teach others about the importance of international affairs & diplomacy.

www.depts.TTU.edu/MuseumTTU/Planetarium.html  Find your Eureka! moments at the planetarium through star & laser shows

www.IAFF.TTU.edu or Jane.Bell@TTU.edu  International art exhibits, cultural programming & facility rental, a video library with 3,000+ film titles from around the world.

www.Museum.TTU.edu/TravelTrunk.html  Bring a museum & archeological site into your classroom, after-school or non-profit program.

www.swco.TTU.edu  Borrow history trunks — The Ranching Frontier of Texas & Settler Women on the Texas High Plains (with hands-on history materials like maps, clothing, books, slides, primary sources materials & more).

www.depts.TTU.edu/MuseumTTU/LLL/SchoolPrograms.html  Borrow trunks with artifact boxes for the classroom; supplemental instructional materials, suggested dialog questions & activities; virtual trip through History Underfoot.  706-745-2525:  Travelling exhibits include robotic dinosaurs, crime science, giant backyard bugs, the Magic School Bus, ancient Egyptian artiffacts & more;  Kindergarten through 12th-grade Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills-friendly exhibits, films & live science demonstrations, outreach & inreach programs.  Downloadable student activity pages, educators’ pages.

Performing arts summer camp for kids of all experience levels in Lubbock, Texas, USA: hip-hop camp, voice lessons: www.HubPerformaningArts.com or 806-795-7344.

Emily.Nash@TTU.edu  Photography projects carried out as part of lessons in the classroom may result in students’ photographs added to the Texas Tech Archive used by researchers.  

Emily.Nash@TTU.edu  Access Exhibits on Demand — Winds Across the Llano or The Working Life of a Writer.

Museum.Education@TTU.edu  Museum tours & programs on-line with teacher-friendly materials & TAKS connections.

www.depts.TTU.edu/MuseumTTU/LLL/VisitUs.html  Lubbock Lake Landmark is a National Historic & State Archeological Landmark — tours, learning center, exhibits, the Landmark Shop with books & job postings.  Get involved as a docent, field researcher with an international volunteer crew, interpreter, demonstrator; member of the Speakers Bureau; volunteer in the gift shop, the information desk, in an anthroplogy laboratory or help to maintain trails & grounds.

www.CogdellsGeneralStore.com  Western attire, decor & gifts for the ranch hand in you.

www.Track.uttelecampus.org  Free, on-line tutorials for 11th-grade Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills exit-level test.

Find out how to replicate or partake of weekly food boxes, Kindergarten through 12th-grade school supplies or Kids’ Cafe after-school feeding sites: Volunteer@SPFB.org

Replicate a successful Mother-Daughter college-going program sponsored by the Lubbock Branch of the American Association of University Women: LanePow@SuddenLink.Net

www.LubbockParentConnection.org/index.php Parenting or 806-747-5577: the most important job you will ever have. It shouldn’t hurt to be a child. Dedicated to the prevention of child abuse & neglect & to educating & supporting parents. A safety net for parents in crisis. Anger management course for children, coloring books to help preschoolers tackle gray area of divorce. Volunteer & fund-raising opportunities available.

Contact Tammy Brewer at 806-766-1976 to find out how replicate parenting sessions in your town or to register for the daytime or evening sessions in Lubbock, Texas (www.LubbockMap.com & select from the left-hand menu for directions to the sessions):

Let me add your favorite Web sites!

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