Locate help during a challenge: www.YourTexasBenefits.com

Up to $75,000 grants for public & private non-profit community & faith-based organizations to improve awareness of the food stamps for low-income senior & Hispanic households. Every dollar in new food-stamp benefits gereates nearly twice that in community spending: www.FNS.USDA.Gov/fsp/outreach/grants/2008/default.htm

www.YourTexasBenefits.com to download an integrated application for any Texas State Benefit such as food stamps, children’s Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance, medical-assistance only & more community-based services … in Spanish & in English.

Practice financial self-reliance: www.JA.org Help young people understand the economics of life through proven hands-on experiences that bring them the real world — opening youthful minds to their potential. Volunteer to use JA resources for your presentations to youth audiences in local schools. Let youth know how to create financial prosperity for themselves

www.GESCLubbock.org or Diana.Lopez@GESCLubbock.org 806-744-4416 Expanding educational & economic opportunities for unemployed, underemployed & persons in poverty, seasonal or migrant-farming workers in 72 counties in Texas & New Mexico:  housing, shelter, higher education-referral assistance, job recruitment & placement, social services & food.

www.UTDanaCenter.org/theo  Resources for & educational rights of children & families experiencing homelessness:  enrollment aids, fact sheets, tool kits, manuals & more.  Texas homeless liaison information.

www.NLCHP.org  Lawyers ending homelessness & poverty:   housing, domestic violence, income, children & youth, human rights, civil rights, Hurricane Katrina, hospital dumping & how to resolve these challenges through advocacy, partnerships & education.

www.NAEHCY.org  The voice for the education of children & youth in homeless situations.  Collaborations among parents, adovcates, researchers & service providers to ensure school enrollment, attendance & overall success for children & youth whose lives lack the safety of permanent & adequate housing. 

www.SelectMedicalCorp.com or Rebecca.Day@SelectMedicalCorp.com or 512-784-2878  Return to Work physical-therapy services within 24-48 hours via nation-wide scheduling capabilities.

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