Share Down Syndrome-related Resources with families

Down Syndrome resources:  Education, research & advocacy; 1-800-221-4602.  Down Syndrome for new parents … from the personal perspective of parents with a child with Down Syndrome:  just when I think I have learned what I need to know in life, someone truly special comes into it & shows just how much more there is.  Creating solutions:  Down Syndrome-Autism Internet information center.  On-line clothing store — established by a mother of a Down-syndrome child — that designs & manufactures clothing for children & young adults with Down syndrome:  1-877-624-7803 or 248-624-7800. or  Improving the eye sight & quality of life for children with Down Syndrome by providing custom frames that fit children’s unique needs.  Frames have a flexible bridge & temples that can spring out 180 degrees — to keep up with children’s active lifestyles.  Variety of frame sizes & colors made especially for children.

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