Leverage public good & prosperity through higher education


Ask to see or use a startling Public Service Announcement that demonstrates how American colleges & universities serve the public:  www.SolutionsForOurFuture.org or 202-939-9456 or Solutions@ACE.nche.edu

www.JA.org Help young people understand the economics of life through proven hands-on experiences that bring them the real world — opening youthful minds to their potential. Volunteer to use JA resources for your presentations to youth audiences in local schools. Let youth know how to create financial prosperity for themselvesCDeWitt@JAWT.Net 

Make school & careers relevant to youth: www.AchieveTexas.org or Karen.Alexander@TTU.edu

www.dol.gov/odep or DValles@SouthPlainsCollege.edu to find out about the workforce recruitment program — for college students with disabilities (temporary & permanent positions in a variety of fields, nationwide).

www.IAFF.TTU.edu (select “Study Abroad” in the middle of the page) Texas Tech students successfully compete for dynamic careers in the global marketplace by having studied internationally (often on scholarship awards) — while simultaneously satisfying their degree requirements to graduate on time: Jane.Bell@TTU.edu or 806-742-3667.

Find out about local scholarships & grants: Ask for contact information for community/area/local foundation(s) in your town. www.LubbockAreaFoundation.org or Contact@LubbockAreaFoundation.org or 806-762-8061

Plan for a lifetime of financial prosperity. Talk with a peer — someone you can really relate to — about financial opportunities, questions or challenges. Free & confidential financial planning & seminars for students about paying off credit-card debt, establishing & using credit, creating a budget, saving money, investing, correcting credit-report mistakes, organizing finances, tax planning, selecting employee benefits, expenses after college, buying a car or home, planning pre-marital finances: www.R2B.TTU.edu or 806-742-9781 or Dottie.Durband@TTU.edu or Sonya.Britt@TTU.edu or Stephen.Hunsaker@TTU.edu or Sharla.Taylor@TTU.edu

www.TexasTech.edu/OTC  Commercial growth through development of novel research by taking researchers’ ideas, concepts and/or inventions to the marketplace.  For the latest updates, select “Download our newsletter…” from the middle/bottom of the page.

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