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Texas Tech Feral Cat Program & additional, successful campus feral-cat programs

Feral Cats & the Public:  A Healthy Relationship:   In Middle River, MDDonate via to help a feral-cat colony, that has been the target of uncaring property manager who has hired a company to trap & kill all feral cats. We need to relocate them to a farm but the farm requires $100 per cat (to pay for food & vet updates).  All cats are being vetted at our expense, but we don’t have enough money to cover the costs of the farm fee.  from

Stanford University, CA  Thanks to Dr.

Stony Brook University, NY:  thanks to at Texas Tech University Independent School District; 806-834-3716 & 1-800-692-6877

Texas Tech University / Student Government Association’s Feral Cat Program thanks to & Student Pres. or text 281-782-9073 if you are willing to volunteer with the Texas Tech University Student Government Association-approved organization (6-’12) in Lubbock / northwest TX-area to oversee the on-campus feral-cat colony, that is in need of upkeep.  ‘The Humane Society of West Texas  ( & or 806-799-PETS [7387]; P.O. Box 67645 or 5106 Ave. T; Lubbock 79424)partners with devoted TTU students in order to trap, neuter /spay & release TTU cats, as well as maintain feeding stations throughout campus. Opportunities to be of service to feline Red Raider residents on campushelp with the daily or weekly refreshing of feral-cat feeding stations across campus;  also, on-campus, feral-cat program within the TTU System at Angelo State University in San Angelo,  Relocation of TTU feral cats beginning June ’13:;; GTorres@Mail.Ci.Lubbock.TX.US;

TTU weekly-feeding volunteers are encouraged to negotiate their own volunteer schedule & feeding-station assignments.  Volunteers will be provided with no-charge, start-up supplies, on-site training & sacks of cat food (upon request).  Semester- or summer-long volunteers are preferred (due to start-up costs & flexibility of scheduling).  Benefits to volunteers:  Independent, systematic work experience to add to your resume;  Resume & job-search related consultancy services, upon request;  Letters of recommendation for career &/or graduate/professional-school admissions, upon request;  Opportunities to recruit friends, classmates or organizations to join you in this activity; & quiet gratitude from Texas Tech’s feline residents who help control the disease-carrying rodent population.  To volunteer-feeders for figuring out their preferred ways to organize their feeding/watering/cleaning supplies:  11, one-gallon jugs of fresh water –  to empty, clean & replenish cats’ drinking water; two plastic containers with handles for cats’ crunchy food (converted from cat-litter containers into crunchy-food containers) – to replenish stale, bug-ridden or dirty food supply; bug spray – to repel insects such as mosquitoes & fire ants — while tending feeding stations; window cleaner & paper towels/rags/broom/wide-sweep brush:  to clean feeding & watering containers &/or weather-proof covering; cat- & bird-friendly bug spray to squirt around the station to keep bugs out of food & water & to keep them from biting cats eating or drinking there; one plastic sack for trash, stale cat food or litter around the feeding/watering stations.  Providing (for those who are willing & financially able to do so) for new volunteers: a set of starter supplies:  window cleaner, broom, paper towels, plastic bags, insect repellant, sack of cat food, a three-page document (through from & with How-To e-document with suggestions:

Save feral cats on the Texas Tech University campus & in your yard/neighborhood

Contact TTU Feral Cat Program / Student Organization: thanks to & Student Pres. about

  • Volunteering to trap, neuter & return (TNR) feral cats on the Texas Tech University campusin Lubbock, Texas — at no cost to Texas Tech.  Texas Tech’s managed (TNR), non-producing feral cat colonies eliminate rodents, yowling, fighting, & spraying; eliminate incoming, reproducing, unvaccinated stray cats; & eliminate the expense of trapping & euthanizing Texas Tech’s long-time feline residents.  Alice will provide you with low-cost Humane Society spay/neuter/vaccination/vouchers @$67 so that when you trap TTU cats/kittens
  • Taking trapped cat(s) directly to Acres North (5205 13th St.: SW corner of Slide & & 806-793-2863) or the Animal Hospital of Lubbock (7902 Slide Rd.:  SW corner of Slide & 79th & 806-794-4543);
  • Dropping off cat(s) for spay-neuer surgery, rabies vaccination & ear-tip notch (to alert folks that the cat is healthy)
  • Picking up cat(s) the next day &
  • Releasing cat(s) back
  • Borrowing a cat trap & providing you with no-charge Humane Society vouchers so that you may help cats in your yard/neighborhood.  When you trap cats/kittens
  • Taking them directly to Acres North (5205 13th St.: SW corner of Slide & & 806-793-2863) or the Animal Hospital of Lubbock (7902 Slide Rd.:  SW corner of Slide & 79th St. & 806-794-4543);
  • Dropping them off
  • Picking them up the next day &
  • Releasing them back (or work with Alice to get kittens into the Humane Society foster/adoption system).   Cats/kittens released to become barn cats must be kept securely & exclusively … & fed & watered daily inside of the barn for 4 full weeks.  Only barns with donkeys will be safe for cats/kittens (because donkeys kill predators).
  • Low-cost vouchers @$67 from the Humane Society include the spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination & an ear notch (to let folks know that the cat is spayed/neutered/vaccinated).  Contact 806-799-PETS or for HSWT pet-wellness appointments:  5106 Ave. T (  Donations to HSWT (to pay for the cost of vouchers) are welcomed.

Order live traps @$65:  Tomahawk Live Traps, or 800 272-8727

300+ cats on campus have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated & then re-released.  Maintenance of feeding stations allows volunteers to identify newcomers or ill cats.  Feral kittens that are caught on campus are socialized & then adopted into loving homes.  Helpful TTU Feral Cat Program partners:  Human & Environmental Health & Safety: or 806-742-3876;; (806-742-3876 or 806-281-4780); TTU Housing facilities:;  TTU Plant & Facilities VP is TTU/feral-cat champion & his helpful team members: & or 806-742-3801 for arranging for trimming of West Hall bushes – to allow easy, comfortable access for volunteers;  TTU Plumbing (806-742-3308 or 742-1308) for rescuing kittens on campus; or 806-742-3470;  Shannon Hutchinson & Douglas Haynes/TTU Civil Engineering shop:  806-789-7454 to cut openings in the plastics tubs that cover the feeding stations & to help with live-trapping Holden Hall cats/kittens; at Walls-Gates Residence Hall –  to post notices for volunteers; & or 314-496-7916 for Sigma Alpha/TTU Sisters in Agriculture volunteer(s);  or call 806-785-2331 for recruiting day-a-week/student- & other-volunteer caretakers for feral-cat feeding stations.

  • Feral cat feeding-station(s) volunteers for Feeding Stations:  Volunteers neededfor Mondays, Tuesdays,Wednesdays, Thursdays; & or 713-254-9145 (Fridays: Mary Ann, 9 feeding stations & Michael:  Wall/Gates; Saturdays & SundaysAlso, Art Bldg. Mondays & Wednesdays; & Tuesdays & Thursdays:  2 @ West Hall & Holden Hall during the fall ’12 semester: or 903-675-1230.      Beverley Nichols (Jake.Beverley@SBCGlobal.Net & 806-792-1983) the go-to person for kittens & appreciates donations.  She gives excellent care to baby cats.  And Nancy McCutchen & her sister feed/rescue TTUHSC feral cats @ S. Quaker & Loop 289:  806-632-0527 or 806-281-9953.  More, helpful cat-lovers:  Robin Bingham ( & 806-742-2976; Krista at  806-549-8807; has cat trap to help with Trap/Neuter/Release.  Gail Anderson (former 3-1-1 call center for City of Lubbock): or 806-252-4382 weekly donating jug of feral cat food.

* & or 806-799-PETS.   Humane Society of West Texas’ Wellness Clinic by appointment ( on Tuesdays / 5106 Ave. T.; Lubbock (, 6p.

4-8-’13 from TX Tech Feral Cat Program Pres. to;;;;

Thank you for expressing interest in participating in the upkeep of our feral cat colony at Texas Tech.  A few of you have asked for more information on this organization.


The organization requires you participate in feedings or trapping in order to stay an active member.  Feedings are on a preferred weekly schedule, but if you would like to form a group that feeds biweekly this is fine – as long as the stations are refreshed as promised.  We have eleven feeding stations.  Feeders must be trained before they can participate.

Training periods are on Friday. It should last until around 7:30p.  Meet at the TTU Student Union Building near the staff parking lot – close to the side where the SUB is next to the library at the metal book man sculpture.  You will visit all of the stations & learn about the safety involved with feral cats.  At the end of this meeting, you will be able to sign up for a station.  Melanie is leaving at the end of the semester, & we are looking for a highly dedicated volunteer to take over her position as feeding chair.

Trapping requirements are that trappers TNR at least one cat per month, more preferred.  I will provide the traps & vouchers, all you need to do is set the trap up at night, come back in the morning to pick up & deliver to a participating veterinarian, pick up the next day & drop off in original location!  I will provide training when you receive the first trap – it should only take a few minutes. If you want to know more about the TNR process, feel free to ask me questions.

We have other various volunteer opportunities that can be substituted through the Humane Society of West Texas.  These include bringing fosters to adoption events or health clinics or fostering kittens yourself.

If you would like a leadership opportunity, please email me ( directly.  Some various positions that are open : Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, Webmaster, Feeding Chair.  If you have any ideas on how to raise money or help the cats in any way, we are always open to ideas!

Our most needed volunteers are in fundraising/pr.  We would like to set a booth up at the sub, perhaps alongside the Humane Society to raise funds for both organization. Food costs $2,600+ a year, & we are running low.

We are on orgsync – please request membership.

If you would like to be apart of the facebook group, add me on facebook, & I’ll send you an invite.     NOTE: if you are not using a ttu email address, it will not let me invite you until you verify you are from Tech.  You can change your email in settings.

Thank you again for your willingness to help the feral colony! Feel free to ask me any questions at all. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Also, Sign petition to save lives of feral & stray cats:

Sign petition to save lives of feral & stray cats!

Sign petition to save lives of feral & stray cats

Memorial donation$ to Newtown, CT Animal Center

Donate to The Animal Center in memory of the deceased children & adults:  from HART volunteer & foster, Courtney (thank you, Courtney!):  I was just watching this clip, & Anderson Cooper mentions that one of the little girls who died in Newtown, Catherine Hubbard, loved animals & her family has asked that donations be made to the local animal shelter in lieu of flowers (skip to 2:50 for the bit on Catherine):

Adoptable special-needs Pets

Rescues for blind dogs & some blind cats:

Handicapped Pets: & 603-673-8854 & email: to post adoptable-pet announcements

Blind  email / join:  & &

How Waco, TX, Animal Shelter & Animal-Rescue groups collaborate to save animals

How Waco, TX, Animal Shelter & Animal-Rescue groups collaborate to save animals:

1) Waived Fees For Rescue Groups – We were told Rescue Groups will NOT have to “pay to pull.” (This was probably the loudest – but still civil – part of the meeting, “Animal rescues don’t buy animals!”) Therefore, the City of Waco agreed to waive the proposed vaccination fee for rescues: $5 for cat & $15 for dog. WAIVED!

2) Access to D Building – MARC still pushed for Kennel Walkers to have access to D Building. Mr. Groth explained that the City wants to get things up and running, but that he would be open to this idea.

3) Humane Society will continue to send rescue groups the Aging List of Animals (animals on the adoption floor at the facility whom are nearing their 30-day stay), but instead of 27 days, they will date it to 25 days (giving rescue groups two (2) extra days to work on saving).

4) Humane Society will post intake animals to their HSCT Facebook page so MARC-KW and other rescue groups can look, and “tag if no reclaim.” This will be done on Day 1. This will be for all animals, unless the animal is truly in a devastating state (most likely to be humanely euthanized).

5) Rescue Coordinator – There are still no plans to have a City staff rescue coordinator, but we did discuss the seriousness of the rescue coordinator’s role to this entire process. Critical!

6) Rescue List – Mr. Groth is encouraging information sharing, so our rescue groups will compile a comprehensive, collective list of rescue groups for the Humane Society, and will submit to Larry Groth (and for ourselves!).

7) Rescue Guidelines – Humane Society has released a 1-page “Rescue Guidelines.” It’s pretty routine, and I’m sure will be readily available to anyone.

8 ) We will all meet back with the City in about two months (Feb. 2013), and will schedule quarterly meetings after that to discuss progress, accomplishments, concerns, etc. At some point, the Waco Animal Welfare Advisory Board may take over the City’s role of meeting quarterly with our animal welfare/rescue groups.

9) Additionally, the Waco Animal Alliance made an invitation to the Humane Society to join in our No-Kill efforts. Our goal is to have a meeting in January 2013.

10) Spay/neuter of all shelter animals prior to adoption was addressed, and Happy Endings offered to help the City in this area with their own vet, as well as with after-hours emergency cases. Trap-Neuter-Return for feral cats was also mentioned. However, since today’s focus was mostly on the rescue aspect, those issues will be addressed in more detail at a future meeting.

11) Gloria, the (City) kennel manager, was recognized for her efforts to improve the shelter’s cleaning and disease-control protocols.

Our mutual goal is to decrease the number of animals entering the shelter (spay/neuter, TNR, PASS, Lost & Found, etc) as well as getting them out alive once they’re there (owner reclaims, adoption, rescue, etc).

Every animal welfare/rescue group, to include the Waco Animal Alliance members and all the other rescue groups in the McLennan County area, AND the volunteers, fosters, donors and supporters of these groups, have a vital role in the success of these efforts.

Donate to feline-leukemia Cat Sanctuary in Catskills, NY


Aslan’s Cat Sanctuary is a HOME for cats who have been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia. Historically most cats diagnosed with this dreaded disease were euthanized on the spot.  With education, new treatments & further understanding of this condition, some people have come to be willing to give these innocent & often healthy cats a chance for a great life.

Sanctuaries have popped up over the years but securing a coveted spot in one of the great sanctuaries, is practically like winning LOTTO!!!


One such sanctuary is ASLAN’S in Upstate New York.  Aslan’s was decimated by Hurricane Irene. Through the kindness of MANY, Aslan’s was rebuilt.  It was a miracle via the generosity of so many who gave both monetarily & physically while working there  to rebuild the flooded HOME that was the only HOME to these animals.


Aong comes Hurricane Sandy & although Aslan’s was extremely fortunate to escape the wrath of Sandy, many other people & places were NOT.  Aslans has stepped up to HELP displaced cats with feline leukemia.  Aslans is NOW  HOME to 80 cats.  Homing & caring for 80 cats with feline leukemia is a loving, lofty goal, & it will take lot$ & lot$ of money to keep these cats healthy and vetted regularly as needed. We know it CAN BE DONE…with your HELP.

Please review Aslan’s most recent newsletter featuring their beautiful HOME & delightful residents. Pictures are worth a 1000 words:

This sanctuary is a Work of Heart…it WILL take funding to serve the additional cats that Aslan’s WOULD NOT turn their back on. Desperate times mean desperate measures.  Thank you for your kind consideration on behalf of The Aslans Cats!!!   Trudy Schilder

Donate*by sending check or money order to 


Aslan’s Cats; P.O. Box 221; Catskill, NY 12414 OR 

via PayPal at

annually Click “CARE Colorado” to help animals & annually click “Colorado Gives Day 2012” to pre-schedule your on-line donation for Dec. 4 (click on at the bottom of that page & designate your donation to “Colorado Gives Day 2012” to pre-schedule your on-line donation every Dec. 4);  100% of all donations made through will go to C.A.R.E. to help homeless pets.  FirstBank & Community First Foundation will absorb all processing fees.  In addition, FirstBank’s Incentive Fund will be proportionately allocated across all donations received, increasing the value of each donation.   CARE has transported 16,000 homeless pets to safety, provided veterinary care to 1,600 animals, & neutered 4,200 dogs & cats in communities with crisis-level, pet-overpopulation.  C.A.R.E. is participating again this year in Colorado Gives Day every Dec. 4.   We hope to raise $30,000+ to help fund our ’13 services.  Last year, we raised $20,000+ & won an additional prize of $5,000 from FirstBank for being the smallest charity with the largest number of donors.  

Labor & supplies needed at Freeport, LI, NY shelter to repair Hurricane Sandy damages

In NY: Donate for NY animal rescue: www.humane.Pro  We delivered 50,000+ lbs. of supplies, two large trucks full filled with urgently needed food & supplies.  With your help, we can provide an end-of-year boost that is so desperately needed. – helped 20+ separate rescues.  Pictures taken during Phase I:  All donations will be allocated “For the Animals in New York” that will get every cent.  We will issue IRS donation letters to all donors & because we are a recognized 501C3, you may deduct your donation to the full extent of the tax laws.  For more information:  703.568.3600 or Chris.Haslam@Humane.Pro or Info@humane.Pro


In Freeport (2 Rider Place in Freeport), Long Island, NYContact & 718-845-0779or917-213-9840 asap to donate heaters to warm & dry out the shelter; &/or a plumber or Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning expert to turn on the heat.     from Shelter Manager:  I’ve been at the shelter for the past 3 days,

& the amount of damage is unreal. Almost everything is ruined & needs to be replaced. Clean-up is still a disaster

because the heat needs to be fixed to dry everything, & the part that is needed is out-of-stock everywhere. All

of the cat trees are GONE, as well as all of the dog beds. All the sheetrock walls need to be cut out to the level

where the water rose so they can dry out the walls & replace the insulation. The doors are warped & cannot

close properly. Bobbi REALLY needs as much help as possible in terms of labor:  all kinds of contractors, handymen, 

cleanup, new supplies for the animals & of course monetary donations. If you can help IN ANY WAY, please do!

Thank you to all who have already contributed,volunteered or helped in any way, but much more help is needed. The

animals cannot return to the shelter until the heat & contracting work can be done.  Please share with all

your friends & animal lovers. The shelter is at 2 Rider Place in Freeport. The phone isn’t working, but the shelter 

will be open for help & donations from 10a-5p. The animals are currently at other shelters or in foster.

Thank you.    Myra, a Bobbi volunteer

Help me e-publicize animals needing rescue, foster, adoption, donations

I will gladly e-forward your pet information to 4,000+ recipients & post your pet info onto that receives 40+ daily visit – whenever your pet information is summarized (a) in the “Subject” line & (b) at the very top of your e-message:1: town/state/location; 2: animal species; information.  Thanks for understanding.  With sorrow, I delete dozens of pet e-messages daily because they’re not 1-2-3 ready to e-forward.

Help yourself to pet resources at & select “Animal Welfare” from right-hand menu & then scroll downward through entries (or use upper, right-hand Search engine) to discover towns / states / breeds / needs that you might be able to help with or to discover life-saving, pet-related resources & strategies that might be helpful to your animal-welfare organization / efforts / goals.  — including breed- & location-specific e-lists (both pages).

Don’t buy while shelter pets die!!! Saving one rescue dog [or cat] may not change The World, but It will change The World for that one rescued dog [or cat]!  Pulling just one dog [cat] can save two lives, the dog [cat] you pull, & the one who takes its open kennel.

fyi, heading at the top of my pet-related e-messages:

[Sent “bcc.” Help #-#, below; &/or e-forward (check your address book for your friends who love pets -- to see whether they can help in these geographical areas). Thanks!  To unsubscribe, please e-“Reply.”  Also, (aClick  scroll down to the Finally Home Rescue tree #3 down on the list: $1 donation = 1 vote & click-to-vote daily for your favorite animal-rescue group: Contribute to Best Friends Emergency Response Fund: to help many animals affected by Hurricane Sandy (shelters, rescue groups flooded, some animals in evacuation shelters with their people; others homeless; rescue groups & shelters in the region working tirelessly under difficult circumstances); assisting groups in their lifesaving efforts for four-legged flood victims: your money from will be distributed where it’s needed most -- including grants to rescue groups & shelters throughout the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic region suffering from the flood; also providing for transportation of animals who need to leave the area & find safety in distant rescue groups; many BF No More Homeless Pets partners across the nation have offered to take these animals in; your  contributions will be used exclusively for relief work to help animals during this & other disasters. BF New York team on the ground gathering volunteers to bring to the Sussex County, New Jersey evacuation shelter to cover weekend & midnight shifts; organizing shipments of pet food & cat litter to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Long Island, Jersey City Humane Society & the Bergen County Animal Shelter (to feed the pets in their care & to deliver to the hardest-hit members of the community); delivering pet supplies, leashes, toys & more to the Woodbridge, NJ shelter, which was flooded, & is now re-opened; (c) Use easy-to-copy-&-paste pet-rescue e-lists – by state, by breed; transports, etc.: & select “Animal Welfare” from the right-hand menu & then scroll downward to “Animal-rescue … page 1 of 2; & page 2 of 2;” (d) Click-to-pay for food & care for some of the 8M companion animals relinquished to US shelters annually & watch for the next voting opportunity to vote 1 x/day for your favorite, local animal shelter:; (e) Vote every 24 hrs. for a dog-of-your-choice & Kuranda dog beds will donate 5 beds to the winning, designated shelter & the winning shelter’s 5 dog beds will “matched” by Kuranda – donating 5 more beds to another dog shelter of the winner’s choice; (f)Vote for your  favorite pet photographer (e.g., Petraits Pet Photography); & (g) “Help Us Help Them” for every “Like” Muenster Natural Gets RPAL Rescue Food Bank will receive another FREE Pound of Dog Food:]

Help Hurricane Sandy pets:

Visit to help animals of Hurricane Sandy:

Many animals have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. Some were in shelters or rescue groups that have now been flooded. Some are in evacuation shelters with their people. And others have been made homeless by the storm.    Rescue groups and shelters in the region are working tirelessly & under difficult circumstances to help them, & Best Friends, in turn, will assist groups in their lifesaving efforts for these four-legged flood victims.

Money from the Best Friends Emergency Response Fund will be distributed where it’s needed most — including grants to rescue groups & shelters throughout the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic region who are suffering from the flood. We’re also providing for transportation of animals who need to leave the area & find safety in distant rescue groups. Many of Best Friends’ No More Homeless Pets partners across the nation have offered to take these animals in.

If you would like to make a contribution toward our disaster relief work, please click here.

Your gift will be used exclusively for our relief work to help animals during this & other disasters. Thank you.

In addition, Best Friends has a New York team on the ground that is:

  • Gathering volunteers to bring to the Sussex County, New Jersey evacuation shelter to cover weekend & midnight shifts.
  • Organizing shipments of pet food & cat litter to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Long Island, Jersey City Humane Society & the Bergen County Animal Shelter. The groups will use it not only to feed the pets in their care, but to deliver to the hardest-hit members of the community. (A big thanks to for these food & litter shipments.)
  • Delivering pet supplies, leashes, toys & more to the Woodbridge, NJ shelter, which was flooded, & is now re-opened.
  • More & we’ll keep you posted!

We really want to thank all of you out there for keeping these animals in your hearts at a time when so many – both two-legged & four-legged – need our compassion. Many of you have already donated to our disaster relief efforts, & for that, we are grateful. You can visit our website for continuing updates on these rescue efforts.

And in the meantime, thank you for being a part of this work of love.


Avoid dangers when rescuing: ask lots of questions, work with registered organizations & evaluated pets only, etc.

From on 10-14-’12:  There’s a dangerous trend in rescue, causing some dogs to suffer, even die.

Social media has provided a way to get the word out about pets in shelters, but unfortunately, this is not always done responsibly. You will see post with titles like “THIS DOG WILL DIE TOMORROW OF NO ONE STEPS UP!!!!,”  “URGENT!!! WILL DIE!!!,” etc. These types of titles tend to create emotional responses & decisions that might not put the dogs best interest in mind. Many of these dogs also come with “$pon$orship$” which also seems to attract the wrong kind of people, you don’t want someone to pull a dog just because he/she comes with money. Strangers (often in other states) will offer to take a dog sight unseen & in no time a “rescue” will offer to pull the dog for the person they’ve never met (no application or home visit) then & someone offers to transport the dog. Many times the pet is not vetted, with the hopes the receiving person or “rescue” will take care of it, which often doesn’t happen. This practice is referred to as “blind transport,” & it puts animals in extreme danger. So many individuals & “rescues” banned for good reasons from their local shelters still obtain cats & dogs through blind transports from other states. Shelters all over the US are full, it is a common myth that there is a shortage of unwanted pets up North:

Responsible, ethical rescues evaluate a dog before they pull them & get most of their dogs locally, you have to wonder why a “rescue” would get the majority of their pets from shelters hundreds of miles away without ever meeting or evaluating them.

Here are just 2 examples of where this practice has gone horribly wrong & dogs died:

1)  In July of 2012, K. Morris of Bainbridge, GA, was arrested & charged with animal cruelty. 13 dogs were seized from her property. She pulled dogs from Clayton County Animal Control under the pretense of being a rescue. None of her information was ever confirmed by the rescue group. They became suspicious once she left two dogs in boarding & stopped contact.  The point of this album is not to focus on K. Morris or SecondChance PitbullRescue. She was arrested, charged & will face her final punishment in the courts. Instead, the point of all of these photos is to show what happens when people accept rescues at face value. The rescue coordinating group, Partners with Clayton County Animal Control, did not have any paperwork from K. Morris/SecondChance PitbullRescue, which was not a licensed rescue. This didn’t stop them from getting the dogs though, instead Partners had Lisa Fleming use her license for Courtney’s Care to pull the dogs for Kristy. If the group had bothered to look at her Facebook page, they would have seen photos of her personal dogs on chains, her offering dogs up for stud & so on. They would have seen enough to know better than to send dogs her way. The problem was that they didn’t want to see anything wrong with SecondChance PitbullRescue. They wanted to see dogs “safe,” aka not euthanized. Obviously, there are far worse things than humane euthanasia.  The status of each of the dogs is in their description:  If rescue coordinators do their research, things like this wouldn’t happen.

2)  In May of 2012, Bridges was surrendered to Clayton County Animal Control in GA. He was extremely fearful, & most experienced rescues would not have deemed him adoptable. Despite this, Partners of Clayton County took his photograph & posted him on their Facebook page asking for donations & for someone to pull him, so people made pledges & donated. A local German Shepherd Dog rescue pulled him & took him to the vet. While there, the vet decided he was human aggressive & recommended humane euthanasia. The rescue instead returned him to CCAC. Another rescue, Indiana German Shepherd Dog & Siberian Husky Rescue, said they would take him. Of course they aren’t licensed in GA, but Lisa Fleming arranged to pull him for them. He was put into an unlicensed, home-based boarding facility run by Jose Ortiz until the rescue could afford to transport him to Indiana.   Already with this story, there are a ton of red flags that were ignored by Partners who should have never facilitated this irresponsible pull. 1. An out-of-state rescue wanting a dog with aggression issues. 2. The rescue couldn’t immediately take the dog because they didn’t have the funds so he had to go to boarding. 3. The boarding facility was unlicensed & had a small child on the premises.   Bridges bit the 5 year-old child of Ortiz. Ortiz responded by shooting & killing Bridges. Apparently the bite to the child was thankfully not serious. Many people in the rescue community are choosing to focus on Ortiz shooting this dog, there seems to be a total disregard for how preventable this situation was & how irresponsibly this pull was handled which put a small child at danger. Bridges should have never been pulled in the first place & should never have been allowed to be around children. This poor dog did not deserve to die the way he did, he should have been humanely euthanized. People that donated to Bridges have asked Partners for updates on him, but you will see in one of the photos, they do not want to discuss this situation.  Here are the photos:

Lampasas, TX, animal resources

Lampasas (central TX-area): Contact & & 512-556-8586  asap to rescue, foster adopt one or  more kittens, cats, puppies &/or dogs.  We can help with transport.   Lampasas Animal Shelter, 301 College Street; Lampasas, TX 76550. & pet-food bank    Celebrate the  eight amazing Hero Dog category winners.  Learn their incredible  stories of heroism, sacrifice & triumph. Find out from our stage who  will win the 2012 American Hero Dog Award (e.g., ending gas-chamber killing of homeless cats & dogs; to publicize shelter adoptions; & to inform about dogs’ training to sniff cancers in humans).


Feeding Both Ends of the Leash:

Sanctuary for disabled cats

Sanctuary for disabled & &

Animal-rescue e-addresses by Breed (page 1 of 2)

Simply copy-&-paste respective e-list(s), below, into the “bcc” area of your out-going e-messages:


BASSET HOUND RESCUES!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

BEAGLE RESCUES!;;;;;;;;;;;

BOXER RESCUES!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;



GERMAN SHEPHERD Dog RESCUES!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; TerryDeMag@ComCast.Net;;;



HOUND RESCUES!;;;;;; susan@hubbardshounds.comCAPEMAY72@YAHOO.COM;;;; mimsegal@sbcglobal.netMostlyHoundsResQ@aol.comsunnybelle@hotmail.comBABYANGEL2731@AOL.COM;;;;;

HUSKY RESCUES!;;;;;;;;;;

LABRADOR RETRIEVER RESCUES!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


PIT BULL TERRIER RESCUES!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;




ST. BERNARD RESCUES!   Heather Crawford & 910-547-4823    Also Racheal at;

Breed-focused Web sites

BOSTON TERRIER RESCUE!    Marcus Williford Veterinary Care Coordinator  Mobile: 910-221-4408 Fax: 910-401-1826   Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina


ALF (Animal Legal Defense Fund    Animal Neglect Facts:   Contact info page:


Gerber Animal Law Center

Animal Law Firms in Fayetteville, NC

To find additional NC lawyers that might be willing to assist, try googling “animal defense lawyers AND NC” or “animal law AND NC” or other search criteria.

Once you have the support of an organization involved in animal welfare, they can talk directly with Animal Control to determine if AC is willing to investigate the claim of neglect and abandonment.

The ASPCA Find a Shelter page lists two organizations in Fayetteville,  the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society & the SPCA of Cumberland County. Has anyone contacted FAPS or SPCA Cumberland to see if they are aware of this situation & if they are willing to assist in any way with legally establishing abandonment & getting custody of the dog?

Fayetteville Animal Protection Society (FAPS)  
3927 Bragg Boulevard   Fayetteville, NC  28303    www.fapspet.org910-864-9040  info@fapspet.orgMap

German Shepherd

Hounds:   American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue    Beagles and Buddies    Canadian Coonhound Rescue   Colorado Coonhounds Home

Coonhound Opportunities Organization Northwest     Dixie Coonhound Rescue    Dog’s Town Coonhound Rescue    Homeward Trails Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue    Idaho Paws Rescue    Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation    Maine Coonhound Rescue     Michigan Coonhound Rescue Texas Hound Rescue


Pit Bull Terriers




Shar Pei Rescue of Tennessee,   Inc. <image001.gif> Decherd, TN 931/580-3650
Rescue A Shar-Pei (RASP) <image001.gif> Porter Beach, IN 312-848-5527
Shar Pei Savers Inc. <image001.gif> Wauseon, OH
WE LUV PAWS Chinese Shar Pei   Rescue <image001.gif> Chicago, IL 773-772-9329
Chinese Shar Pei Rescue of   Michigan <image001.gif> Belleville, MI 734-697-1137
Shar Pei Savers <image001.gif> Beloit, WI
WE LUV PAWS Chinese Shar Pei   Rescue <image001.gif> Kansas City, MO 816-741-6212
Shar Pei Savers <image001.gif> LaSalle, MI
Florida Shar-Pei Rescue <image001.gif> Gainesville, FL
The Mid-Atlantic Chinese Shar-Pei   Rescue Operation <image001.gif> Rockville, MD (301) 881-1221
North American Shar-Pei Rescue:   Mason-Dixon Region <image001.gif> Carrsville, VA
Shar-Pei Rescue of Virginia-NJ <image001.gif> Chesapeake, VA 609-494-0020
North American Shar-Pei Rescue   (NASPR) <image001.gif> Houston, TX
Merlins Hope Chow Shar-Pei Rescue   and Rehabilitation <image001.gif> Oxford Station, QC 866-588-7656
Pei People Shar Pei Rescue, Inc. <image001.gif> Lake Forest, CA
Vancouver Shar Pei Rescue <image001.gif> Vancouver, BC 604-266-3387


Forgotten Angels Rescue & Education Center, Rescue Transport Groups Transport Resources  (Maintains list of resources to help rescues get transported in US)

Angels On Wheels, 1895 Centre Street, Suite #14, West Roxbury, MA 02132; 617-469-4610 & fax 617-469-4622 & & &

Operation  Roger:  501c3 non-profit organization with regional & long-haul truckers.

Pilots N Paws:  Petmate® partners with Pilots N Paws

Cloud Nine Rescue Flights:

Pet Airways: &  Pet Airways travel agent:  408-248-6000, ext. 2

Pet Air: & & 816-471-3852

Throwaway Pups: &

Roads  of Hope:

Truck ‘n’ Paws:

Dreaming My Way Home:

Animal Rescue Flights:

On The Road Again:

Roger Rover, cross-country volunteer transport resource:;

Freedom Train Animal Rescue Transports:  covers many states, but focus on sending animals from the South to the

Peterson Express Transport Service:  Animal Rescue Road Trips  & Stephanie Caldwell coordinats transports in the East & Midwest.  Kamala Martin, flight attendant, might be able to transport.  Rita Mueller, rescuer, helps coordinate transports.  TyAnn Steward, Central Ohio, might be able to hep with transports.

Humane Animal Resources:  Provides US city, state, national & global listings  of No-Kill shelters & sanctuaries, including animal rights groups, via web links & other contact information.   coast-to-coast network of rescue organizations, transporters, fosters, vets & animal lovers.

Kat’s Waggin Train:  Transport from the Southeast US to the Northeast US Points In-Between, $85/dog or $100 for two dogs traveling in the same crate, $125 for Mama dog & puppies: & 615-582-0759.

Coordinated volunteer ground transport:   Take Me Home: Animal Rescue Transports: (see Discussion tab for coordinated transport requests)

Coordinated volunteer ground transport:  NY Central:

Coordinated volunteer ground transport:  SE Pet Rescue Railroad:!/seprr (see
Discussion tab for coordinated transport requests)

The Dachshund Underground Railroad: &

Jay Richmond’s Pet Transportation:  comfortable transport of rescue animals in  the US: & 917-751-3406 & &

PetTransportNet: & group for transporting Rescued Pets anywhere in North America … a group you’ll  have to join with

Colorado Animal Rescue Express (C.A.R.E.)  Transport Coordinator:

Tullahoma Small Breed Rescue, Tullahoma, TN 37388:  931-393-3522 & &  A rescue-friendly truck driver who regularly drives a route between Colorado & the East Coast.

Companion Rescue & Transport,  Nashville, TN 37221;  615-260-8473 or 731-217-6196 &

Sky Ark:  free air transportation: & P.O. Box 1553, Buena Vista, Colorado 81211; send message via

Flying Paws: & send message on contact page

Badger Rescue Animal Transport Services, Inc.: & 10602 N Port Washington Rd #204, Mequon, WI 53092; 414-322-1085 &

Alpha Dog Transport Inc.:  508-868-0642 & &

Pooch Logistics, Inc.: & 300 Brittney Lane; Sharps Chapel, TN  37866; 800-698-2519 & 865-278-3400 & 865-585-4654 &

Pro-Pet-Transport MAIN OFFICE Professional Pet Transports Inc.; 59154 Trafton Lane, OR 97845;  John Day: &

Mailforum:  shelters & transport in KY

Tucker Fleiss Rescue/Transport in Los Angeles, CA

Kyle Young: & 661-874-7546; volunteer with the Lancaster shelter
PilotsNPaws, a dedicated group of private pilots that transport pets is on facebook!!/pilotsnpaws?ref=ts

There is another lady who does A LOT of transport:

Laura Gearhart runs from Rocky Mount, VA to NJ almost every Sat., & she does take hitchhikers, if she has room:


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